Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do you have eyes???

How can I miss these wordings??? Am I really, blind?????

My oldest daughter came up to me in middle of the afternoon asking if she could have snack with her younger sisiter. I said of course and asked her what she wanted to eat. Her reply was "Oreo Cookies!!!". Well, I don't buy oreo cookies. So I told her we don't have Oreo's. Next conversation went like this....

Daughter: Yes, we do... We have Oreo cookies, Mama.
Me : No, Mommy didn't buy them for you girls.
Daughter : But Daddy bought it for Sophie...
Me : When????
Daughter : Yesterday...
Me : What?????

So, my daughter took my hand and showed me where the cookies were being hid. Apparently my husband told my daughters that they can have them with him if they had been good. I am not that kind of mother who bans sweets from the household. Actually, I quite enjoy all kinds of sweets. I just don't buy Oreo cookies for myself.

Anyway, I grabbed the Oreo package and tried to open it, thinking my husband may freak out if we didn't wait for him. But I scribbled off the thought from my head and focused on making my girls happy at the moment. Well, I don't know why, but I was tough time opening it as my daughter looks up asking "Mommy, are you okay?" After a few minutes struggling to open with my two hands, I decided to cut them open. Now, I was saying to myself with a frustration, "What on earth, does this bag has to be so tight to open. It's so inconvenient!!"

The girls sat on the table with a glasse of milk for each of them. As they dipped the cookies in the milk, oh boy, the girls' faces lit up with joy "ummm yummy~~~!"
Looking at their smiles make me so happy...

That evening, when my husband came home from work and grabbed something to drink in the kitchen; he saw the cookies sitting in the refregerator.. "Oh well, well, well, I see someone enjoyed the oreo cookis today," he said. That's when I guess he noticed the clip on the package. He took the cookies out and brought it to me. The next conversation went like this..

Hubby : What's up with this clip, what is it doing over here..
Me : Oh my god! You wouldn't believe how long it took me to open this thing.
Hubby : What do you mean?
Me : The bag was so tightly sealed, I had to cut them open with a scissor. Oh it was
soooooo annoying!!!
Hubby : Why? What are you lookig at? Do you have eyes??
Me : What do you mean, do I have eyes? Of course I have eyes!!!
Hubby : Baby, look here. Can you read what it says here?????
Me : uhhhhhhhh.........

Now, please take a look at the pictures above. These are the messages I totally missed when I opened the package. It says "Stop! Open with Pull Tub on Top" where I cut the package. How can I miss that??? They use the easy pull tub to make cookies stay fresh!!! Now you know why our parents always told us to "Pay attention!" when we were little kids, not to be like me! LOL. I will be doing that from now on, carefully read all the instruction. So, folks, pay attention!!!


Alev said...

Hahahaha, guess you weren't paying attention, it's obvious that you were distracted, don't feel bad about it. It happens to everyone sometimes. :)

Maki said...

Alev: hey! yep, i won't be doing the same thing anymore. i'll make sure to open it with the tab:D

RiverMist said...

OMG my dad did the same thing.

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