Sunday, August 3, 2008

Miracle on myspace

You know, I used to be an anti-myspace gal. I used to shrug off my friends who had their profile on there because all I heard on TV or magazines was bad message; a guy gets arrested after chatting a 12 yr-old boy on myspace and initiate sexual contact or a teenage girl gets almost raped by a man she'd met on myspace or a girl kills herself after cyber bully on myspace. I mean I heard nothing positive about that online network site, until I'd come across the information that my favorite actor Tom Hanks had created his profile on myspace by reading PerezHilton. I was like "Oh my god, I have to be his friend!!!" That was last October, 2008. I did indeed created myspace account and now I am an addict to the site! How pathetic am I??? Not that I'm surfing on there, just updating my profile constantly, creating my favorite space. Many of my friends in Hawaii have their account, so I get to stay in touch with them better than before as well..

The reason why I am writing this blog today is because many great things happened to me for the past several weeks because of this myspace I used to dislike so much. And I hope you wouldn't mind telling you the story.

Well, I had this boyfriend when I lived in Hawaii - I dated him for 5 years from 20 - 25. I was madly in love with him, believing and telling myself that "I'm going to marry him!!!!" He was a great surfer on the North Shore and I loved every aspect of being with him. But I guess it's fair to say that we're both young. He was only 23 when we met, wanted to party with his friends and have fun with his life, not settling down. If I think about the last thing he'd want to do is to get married, you know what I mean?

So, one day, I received a phone call from him. "Hey, I'm at the airport. I'm leaving, back to Florida.." he said. I was like "WTF????????? What, what did you say???" He told me he's done and he wanted to start over. Before I could even say anything he clicked. He didn't have cell phone at the time so there's no way I could contact him. Just like that, our 5 year relationship which I had invested so much emotion, love and everything else was all gone. I was crushed!!!!!!

Well, of course it took me a while to get over him, but I had dated many guys after that, remember a famous saying "to get over your love is to have as many re-bounds as possible"? Then I met my husband. We got engaged, I was really happy. That's when I received an unexpected phone call/message from my ex, saying that he's back in the island. It'd passed almost three years since that heartbreaking phone call. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't delete that message, but still I didn't have the guts to call him back. His voice had brought all the good and bad memories that I tried so hard to forget back in to my lifejust in a second. It's not fair..

Then one night I was out with my girlsfriends to this new bar that had just opened in Honolulu and there he was, out with his friends laughing and drinking. I brought all the courage to make this HUGE fake smile and went up to him. He was all smiley, hugging me and telling me how much he missed me like nothing ever happend. I was losing my mind simply because I was already engaged to my husband. Before I told him about my engagement, my ex spotted the engagemtn ring on my left hand. He looked at me puzzled, speechless. So, my friend said "oh, while you're gone, she met this wonderful man and got engaged, bye~" and disappeard. He said "are you, for real?" and I told him "Yes." The night was over... But then my ex started calling me, begging me to come back to him. He even told me that he'd marry me and move to Japan for me. Wow, that's a news. Actually, he did change, did a complete 180. He was smarter, calmer and had a good head on shoulder. I guess the soul searching journey really worked for him. It's just that the timing was bad between us. I never returned all the phone calls he made for me. I just didn't want to open a bad can of worms or start something I would later regret. The last time I saw him was when I was pregnant with my first daughter at a fair on the North Shore. He wish me good luck and that was it.

Now, after five years, I found my ex's profile on his friend (professional surfer Mr. L's) profile. I had to think for a few hours whether to send him a message or not, but I chose to say "hello". He did wrote me back a few days later and we put ourselves on each other's friends list. He has a girlfriend now and he's very happy. Now I'm 34, he will be 38 end of this month. Time flies really fast, but at the same time I realize it heals everything. We're friends again. It's a miracle on myspace and I'm grateful..


Alev said...

Woow! That's a hell of a story. :D I'm glad you guys at least became friends and not totally disconnected. But what he had done to you, wow, it's so unfair!! I mean, you just disappear like that, throwing away a five year old relationship, come back, and expect things to have not changed, for you to not moved on. That is so unfair. It's so nice that you are still friends with him, I don't think I could ever forgive something like that.

Maki said...

I think I truly loved him and I do care for what happens to him still. But I was very angry for a long time. I'm glad that we're friends again though..

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