Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Grown Men - No Can Handle Dead Birds

turkey Pictures, Images and Photos

My hubby JT and his youngest brother D are pretty strong and big. They are tall and manly. I can totally count on them if anything bad were about to happen. I am 100% positive that they will protect me and my girls at all cost; EXCEPT they are the total weakest link during this wonderful festivities called Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They can not handle dead bird called Turkey nor Chicken. They are totally afraid of them. They can't look at it nor touch it. Curving the cooked bird is out of question. They are big boys age 43 and 30. So lame.

When they were little, their mother was preparing chicken in the kitchen for Christmas. They had never seen the whole object prior to the curving before; all four brothers were chasing each others and ran into the kitchen. There the oldest JT witnessed the butt naked dead chicken being massaged by Mom's hands with spices. It totally freaked him out and traumatized him. Ever since, he can't touch it. JT always says, "Those butt and legs look so real and raw. So just cut it into pieces and give them to me - I just don't need to picture what it used to be."

Now, brother D, he was fine until 4 years ago. We have an aunt named Auntie M - she is a charactor. She came and stayed in Florida during Thanksgiving 4 years ago. We're talking, drinking and eating when Auntie M said, "Oh my god, no one likes this part???" and started poking the Turkey butt on the table. She said, "I love the butt, it's so tastey.."

That's when brother D almost gag and ran to the bathroom. Seriously, he got sick. Now, after four years, we won't stop saying, "Oh we can't wait for the butt, it's so yummy~~"

D always cry and say, "Shut up! Don't ruin my Thanksgiving!!!" Honestly, he loses all his appetite when he thinks about the comment Auntie M made four years ago. He wants nothing to do with it. Therefore, the boys' stepdad has to curv everything, so it wouldn't resemble any type of birds. I swear to God.

To me, looking at the whole chicken or turkey on the dining table is the fun part. Not to be bruital, it just makes me feel like we're celebrating Holidays. But now because of these boys, we have to stare at neatly sliced turkey and chiken instead. Clearly boring.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Drug of Choice...

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So, I need to ask you everyone. How many hours do you spend everyday/night in front of your computer blogging?

Before I went back to work almost two months ago, I had freedom to be on the computer whenever I wanted. It was totally stress free. Now I'm back to work and because I am not able to use computer there, the only time I can blog is at night after the girls go to bed. I always try to catch up with comments in the morning, but seriously, I am having tough time separating doing chore around the house and typing keypads.

To tell you the truth, I sometimes feel posting a blog is more important than washing dishes. Isn't that horrible or what? I mean... I feel like a bad wife.

JT has already told me that my intense attachment to the blogsphere shows an addictive personality. He tries to analyze everything based on his recovery from his drug addiction. Now he tells me I am addicted to blogging. And I think I am. JT is so smart.

If I don't get to catch up or if I don't post anything for a day, I start to freak out. I don't think that's good. I mean, that's no fun, right? That's why I have decided to free myself from blogging at least once a week, so I can be a better wife and a mommy.

But what about you guys? How do you weigh youself when it comes to your blog? Do you do your homework? Do you clean your house and take care of your kids before you sit in front of the computer??? Or do you totally throw everything on the floor and hug your computer as soon as you come back to your house???

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why Is Vampire Sexy???

I love Vampire movies. "The Lost Boys" is my favorite. Don't you love that movie? Jason Patric was HOT!!! Then Bram Stoker's "Dracula". I don't know why, but I am infatuated with vampire. Now all the craziness has been focused on Twilight. I have enjoyed reading the books, but I haven't seen the movie yet. I've heard mixed reviews. I think I'm going to wait for a while because I don't want to sit in the crowded theatre..

Anyway, here is the song "Decode" from the movie Twilight by Paramore which I am kind of loving it. I've always liked their music, but this song kind of makes me wanting to trip to my own Twilight. What do you think? Do you like it???

And this is another song by Paramore (I'm sure you've heard it million times on radio) - One of my Soapy's favorite songs of all time. Hayley looks so innocent and she was probably still getting used to the idea of becoming the mainstream. I love this song.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a F%*k!!??

Call me Stupid. I deleted all the widgets, my friends!!!! Sob...
I was trying to download new 3 column template when I clicked "Save" without really reading or understanding exactly what that meant. Ta La~~~~, everything that I have built for the past four months is gone.
I'm so fortunate that the only thing I lost was widgets. But as you can see, I have to start everything over. I'm dying here. Hopefully I can create better layout or blog.....
It's 3:19am in Florida. JT is sleeping of course. My girls are sleeping of course... And I know I have to go to bed, but I'm trying to recreate my blog by using mental pictures that I have in my head.....
Uhhh, stupid woman. I'm pissed...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He would be the only one going to jail...

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One of my girlfriend J called me this afternoon with a big news. Her older brother is going to fly to California to testify in court. And this is why.

J's older brother D used to live in California. There he met his neighbor lady who has two daughters, age 6 and 9. D also has two sons who are close to the girls' age, so the kids spend time together almost everyday. Although it was very platonic, D and the woman grew really close as well.

One night, D's kids and the girl's kids asked them if they could go over to their neighbor B's house for sleepover party that B is throwing for the kids. This guy B is married and has 3 kids and I guess everybody is friend with everybody in the neighborhood. D and the girl said it's okay and the kids went to B's house for the night.

A few days later, the woman and her two daughters came over to D's house crying. D had no idea what was going on, but then they told him that the neighbor B had sexually molested both girls when they're sleeping at his house. They didn't know what to do and asked D for help. He, of course called Police immediately and filed a police report as well as 2 page letters (that he wrote for himself) detailing exactly what happened to the girls.

Because the girls didn't have a father, D had become a father figure to them. D was livid. I mean mad or pissed would not do any justice with the anger he had towards this guy. D watched the girls grow up and treated like his own kids. It was really tough for him. D took a new job and moved to FL this past summer. I think it was very hard decision because he was really concered about the woman and her daughters. But he needed to do what he had to do.

Anyway, the guy B is locked up right now awaiting trial and now prosecutors want D to testify against B. Okay, D is so ready to put the guy in jail for the rest of his life. Can you imagin people; what kind of a monster this guy is???? The girls are 6 and 8. Taking advantage of innocent girls and commit such heinous act? What sickens me the most is that he has a wife and children. I feel soooo bad for the family. How embarassing and hurtful. A father has to protect child, not harm them.

This guy totally ruined the girls' life. They are scarred for the rest of their lives. Their scars may be healed someday, but the scar tissue will always be there.

I have two girls, defensless tiny girls. If anyone ever gets close to my girls and does anything inappropriate or in worst case sexually molest them? I don't even know what I am going to do.

So I talked to JT about it this afternoon which he of course knows the whole story about J's bro D.

Me: So, J called me today..

JT: Oh yeah... What did she say?

Me: D is flying out tomorrow to California.

JT: Oh? Is he going to testify?

Me: Yes, I think the prosecutor is asking for serious sentense.

JT: Serious sentense? The perv needs to go for good. Really, it pisses me off.

Me: I know right? I mean what would you do if anything like that happened to Ju Ju and Soapy?

JT: Not under my watch.

Me: But JT, you never know. You never know.. It really scares me. This guy seemed normal, a family man.

JT: Yep, that's why I won't let my kids go over to strangers' house.

Me: But really, honestly what would you do? I don't even know what I would do. I think I'm going to cry first and then, and then...

JT: Don't be stupid. Okay, I can tell you this. If anything or anyone hurt one of them or both of them, I would be the only one going to jail.

Me: .......(I had to think for a sec) Oh! I get it. That's my man, JT!!! I would totally be right next to you.

JT: No, the girls would need you to raise them.

Me: Awwwww

So I gave him a BIG BIG sqeeze. And he hugged me back.

I honestly believe if anyone touches our daughters, JT would seriously hurt the guy. I have no doubt that he could possibly kill the guy. Maybe not only JT, but his brothers would join.. I am not kidding everyone.

Maybe true, those sex offenders need treatment, not just jail time. But they need to be locked away and get treatment. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if Ju Ju or Soapy was to be the victim of those sick people.

I am a very forgiving and loving person. But when it comes to children, my heart rests in different place. I know that JT and I will do anything to protect my girls. So, hug your children, my friends and don't ever let go!!!!

Everyone is having tough time

I was talking to my friend on the phone last night. I met her at a park near my house past spring. She was with her daughter and I was with mine. She came up to me and asked if her daughter could play with my Ju Ju & Soapy. I said, "Of course" and we've been friends since.

She moved from California with her only daughter after divorcing her then-husband. She is a single mom and has been struggling to be on her feet. She came to FL to live with her father and step-mom to star a new life which isn't going so well for her.

Anyway, she told me last night that there is 95% chance that she is moving back (btw, when you say 95%, do you call it a "chance?" It sounds to more like a definite plan!) to Minnesota where she is originally from. Her mother and all her relatives are there. She's been staying with her dad, but she's been wanting to move out and get her own place. But then, with the economy we're in and the money she makes wouldn't allow her to do it.

I kinda said, "But rent here isn't that bad and it wouldn't make that much of difference from Minnesota, no?" Her answer was a big "OH NO, IT DOES".

Me: Really? How much?

Friend T: I only paid $46 a month for daycare there. The rent was $420.

Me: What????? Really? I mean I thought $1000 for two bedrooms is cheap.

Friend: If you're used to living in Florida.

Me: But you lived in California before Florida. California is expensive.

Friend: Yeah, but I had a husband then..

Me: oh.......

I am not making fun of Minnesota, I am just amazed how cheap that state is to live!! Wait, if I remember, this house in Iowa was really cheap (I'm talking about a house Julia Roberts rents after running away from her psycho husband in Sleeping with Enemy. She only paid $600 for that beautiful house. A huge house. Well, it was in early 90's. Does that count?).

When I say to people that I moved from Hawaii, they all say, "Aww such a beautiful place. Why did you move? But I heard it's expensive to live there..."

I had never realized how high the cost of living was when I lived in Hawaii because I was so used to the lifestyle. I thought that's how it is everywhere until I moved to Florida four years ago. People were right about "Hawaii is expensive" theory and statement. Florida is cheap compare to Hawaii, maybe not a lot when you buy produce, but dairy products, it does get expensive in Hawaii.

When we moved back to the island 2 1/2 years ago, we realized that it was the most expensive time to live in Hawaii. The housing market was booming and many people wanted to live in the beautiful islands. The rent was expensive and food shopping was expensive. We got used to Florida's lifestyle then (cost of living wise), so I kept saying, "oh my god, it's expensive," everytime I went to grocery shopping.

But I guess you'd get used to it again, learn to adjust and start to feel comfortable again with Hawaii's way of life. It was unfortunate that JT got sick and had to move back to Florida because I truly miss Hawaii. I so long for the day when we can move back there someday..

Here is the comparison between three states I resided for the past four years.

-If you are in Hawaii, you'd pay about $1200 - $1900 for two bedrooms now for a decent place, depends on where you live (although I hear from my family and friends that market is slowing down and rent is falling.)

- When we were in NJ last year for nine months, we paid $2400 for two bedroom townhouse. Yup, absolutely RIDICULOUS. But that's what we did and many people do. We could buy a house for paying that much. NJ is beautiful, but expensive - I didn't see any difference living in Hawaii or NJ.

- Florida's housing market is horrible. It's great for people who rent because it's very cheap now. You can rent nice 2 bedrooms for $900 - $1200.

The condo we own here in SRQ, we bought it three years ago for $210k as an investment when the market was super HOT! Now look what happened in FL. It's one of the three worst states in housing market. Funny how things pun out. Now we're living in it and JT and I don't even want to know how much our place is worth because we know we won't be able to sell it for a loooooooong time. JT paid off our mortgage this summer because he was already losing money and he knew that we're not going to be able to flip it anymore. Oh my goodnees, so many people are filing for foreclosures here in FL. It's really sad..

So, the question to you everyone:

How much are you guys paying for your rent/mortgages? I'm sure it depends where you live, but what would be the average for 2 bedrooms? I know living in NYC, LA, Chicago or SF can be very expensive... But what about other states? Can you beat Minnesota's $420?

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a Night Owl with Two New Awards

Sleep Pictures, Images and Photos
I am a night owl. I don't know when I turned into one. In my early school years, I ued to get up at 6am with my dad and loved every minute of morning ritual: watching news on TV, read newspaper, listening to music and enjoying nice breakfast.

I think when I started college years, things changed. I started to go out with my friends, partying the night away, come home late and getting up late. Now, if I go to bed at 1am, that's early. I have to wake up at 7 am for Ju Ju's school, so I usually get about 5 - 6 hours sleep. Posting blogs won't help the situation either. This takes up my free time A LOT.

My BFF Miss K gets up at 5:30 am. She goes to bed between 10:30 pm or 11pm. But she has to be at work by 7:30 am, so I guess that's normal? I really don't know what is normal anymore. I know that I stay up late. Sometimes way too late. And I really don't like it because I have to admit, I have tough time getting up sometimes. I enjoy sleep. I do.

So, my question to you everybody: Are you a night owl or early bird??? What time do you wake up and what time do you go to bed??? Would you help Maki sleep early than 1 am???

On a different note:

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful blog friends. I know that I would not be here on blogsphere still today posting about my daily life without your help. Thank you so much!!!

Having said that, two of my good blog friends have presented me two Awards recently. I am very ecstatic and honored!!! It just sounds great to receive anything that adds "Awards" in the end. I really feel special like an Oscar winner.

First, The Rambler over at My Rambling Thoughts gave me the "Uber Amazing Blog!" Ya Hoo!!! She and I share something really deep - the island roots. I feel so connected to her even though we've only known each other for short time. Mahalo Girl!!!

The Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites that:~ inspire you ~ makes you smile and laugh ~ gives amazing information ~ is a great read ~ has an amazing design ~ and/or any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!
The rules of this award are:
Put the logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 5 blogs that for you are Uber Amazing!
Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

I need to follow the rules and pass this award to 5 people, but I am going to pass it on to four people for now. I will post to the rest @ later time.

Now franco over @ Rivermist Expressions gave me the Secret Gardent Award that he's created; which stands in recognition for individuals on the web that embrace and showcase creativity and imagination and/or a theme of fantasy, escapism, magic, religion, dreaminess or spiritualism. He's always been a huge supporter on my blog. I am so psyched about this!!!! Thank you so much Franco!!!

Now I need to pass this on to my 5 favorite arty, funny and creative people. Wait, I can't only come up with three people right now. I'll add 2 more later on!!

1. Dry as Toast
2. An Extended Vacation
3. La Mia Vita

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ju Ju is Big 5!!!

Yesterday was Ju Ju's birthday. She turned 5.
My first baby, my number 1.
She's brought such joy and happiness into my life. I can't thank her enough...
She is my everything. I love her with all my heart.

Every Sunday morning we make Banana pancakes as we listen to Ju Ju's favorite songs - "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 and "Banana Pancake" by Jack Johnson (Hawaii is so proud of him!!) It was another perfect Sunday morning.

Happy Birthday, Ju Ju!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Fine Day

I thought I should post something happy because several of my previous posts have been a bit sad and downer.

So, today was very busy day at my work. We had 15 girls came in for a Bachelorette party at 5pm (as in having the party at the salon), so we had to close the whole salon for them. They were getting pampered by our people, getting their mani/pedi's done and hair done drinking champaign and wine.

The bride-to-be brought several CD's that her friend had made for her. She asked us to play it - the songs were all love songs that are popular for wedding. I was talking to the bride-to-be. Her face was all glowing and she was so happy although she remained very cool and calm (her friends were more excited and acting like high school students). I was so happy for her. I just kept on looking at her and thinking, "Wow, how exciting is this? She is going to be someone's wife. She is going to say "goodbye" to single life!"

I am always infatuated with the idea of people finding the ONE that she/he wants to spend the rest of their life with. Meeting someone, then being with him/her, then they fall in love. Now they can't seem to stay away and live without each other. So they decide to say "I Do." The whole process just amazes me. Every couple has differnt love story behind it. JT thinks I am weird, but I think it's just fantastic!!!

As I was listening to the bride telling me how she planned the whole wedding and the only thing that stressed her out was having all the friends and family fly in from NY and NJ (apparently she is from NJ). I remember I had to fly many friends from Japan and JT's friends and family from NJ. That was really stressful indeed. That's when the song I love start to play from the bride-to-be's CD. It was my first dance song. "At Last" by Etta James. My whole body became euphoric!!!

I remember how happy and excited I was the day I got married. I felt like I was dreaming. So, I decided to post some photos from my wedding in Hawaii. (The pics below were taken by our friends. The ones taken by pro photographer were in photo negatives, so couldn't post here..)

It looks pretty nice wedding. Yes, it was, but there were few things I want you to know about my groom that day.

I married to a guy who:

1. Buy himself a pair of black pants that he's going to wear for the wedding "4" hours before the ceremony.

2. Forgets to get a haircut, so have his youngest brother who "has no clue what to do" to trim his hair. That's why his hair looks like Elvis.

3. Keeps telling his fiancee he'd ask his friend to be the MC for our reception, and totally forgets about it and never bother to tell his new wife until after the photo session. Good Lord, our pastor (my former English teacher) had agreed to do the honor for us the very last second! Honest to God, he saved our wedding (and it turned out wonderfully and funny!).

So, ladies, if you're going to get married soon, make sure to tell your fiance to do his homework!!! And today's bride-to-be, Congratulations and have a gorgeous wedding Saturday!!

Before the bride's enterance

You may kiss the bride Someone was cracking us up!!!
JT's bud "DL" & my girls in Hawaii

Mr. & Mrs. JT
First Dance (and this trick was solely for entertainment"At Last" By Etta James (why this clip, don't know why.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

I have a confession to make vol. 1 "Congratulations Mommy!"

breastfeeding lowers obesity Pictures, Images and Photos

I have a confession to make, my friends. Yes, I have a dark secret that I haven't told you, well, actually it's in the past tense now. But really, I haven't discuss this matter here on my blog. So, please read with caution, especially this warning is to you boys!

I have breastfed both of my daughters. I have enjoyed every minute of this special bonding time with them. It has been indeed a special way to connect with my girls and I couldn't be happier those time that I had with them while gazing at their cute little eyes when they look up straight in my eye.

I weaned my oldest Ju Ju when she was 22 month old. I could say that she weaned herself off when she realized it's time to stop when I started to show my pregnant belly with her soon to be sister Soapy. Everyone around me thought that I would never be able to wean her, so that was an accomplishment. Ju Ju has shown that even though she is my no. 1 baby, she can still be a big sis = big girl.

mothersmake Pictures, Images and Photos
Then there came Soapy. My apple of my eye. She loved my tiny boobies. She couldn't have enough.. And I loved to hold her and breastfeed her. I couldn't be happier when she was holding on to me and eating her lunch or dinner or snacks. But that was when she was baby. When she was a tiny baby.

The problem with her was that she had never, NEVER wanted to be weaned. I mean, her 2 year old birthday passed and no sign of saying "bye-bye" to mommy's boobies. I had tried to wean her off for the past three months and it never seemed to work. And she's getting bigger and bigger.

I managed to got it down to breastfeed her only before she was going to sleep. She usually fell asleep while on my breast - and I tell ya, she was happy! But I wasn't so happy. It's not because I don't love her. I love her to death of course, but I knew enough is enough.

Everytime I told her, "Soapy, it's time for you to stop, darling. No more Mama's milk. Mommy is getting tired. You're a big girl now," She cried and cried and said, "no, mommy, i the baby. i the baby, mama. no stop..." When she cried like that, how could I say no???

the real thing Pictures, Images and Photos

JT has been such a supporter when it comes to breastfeeding. He's always told me, she would quit when it's time for her. I didn't think so, though. I thought I had to breastfeed her until she's 3. Oh wait, maybe 4... That would be something. I mean, that wouldn't be good. I was getting nervous.

Then today, I told myself, "This is it. I can't go on. It's for me, but for Soapy, too." As I lay next to her, she tried to reach my shirt, so I held her hand and said, "Soapy, I am so sorry, but no more," (her face start to show sign of "i am going to cry, mommy")

Me: "Soapy, listen, I love you. But you are almost three (well, not quite, but close enough). Can Mommy rock you to sleep? How's that sound? Mommy sing your favorite song.."

(she looks at me with the cute little eyes.. Then she pointed the floor with her tiny finger..)

Soapy: "ok, mommy. you wock me to sweep (she can't quite say SLEEP yet)."

Me: "Oh my god! Good girl, Soapy. Thank you so much for trying. I love you..."

Soapy: "no pwobhem, mama, i love you too~"

So, I held her tightly and started to rock her, singing her favorite Sade.. Then she was asleep in 10 minutes. Huh!! I did it!! I couldn't believe how easy it was... It was a long long road, but in the end, JT was right. She was ready to stop....

When I came out from the girls' room, JT was standing right in front of the door with huge smile on his face. Apparently he was peeking through and saw what was happening. I looked at him and he said, "Congratulation, Mommy, " and gave me a HUGE hug. Now I am free, but also it was a bitter sweet.

Thank you, Soapy, my little baby... Mommy is sooo proud of you!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Great Award....

Last week, my dear friend LipSmacker over at Lipstick Diaries presented me the Bookworm Award. It's taken me a while to accept this award, but I'm indeed honored!!! Thanks so much, Girl! I am really, really happy about this. Awesome!!!

I love to read whether it be books or blogs - it's a great way to escape from the daily caos! LOL. Anyway, as I accept this award, I am required to pass it on. So let's get started!!!

Here is the rule:

Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 46. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences...The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!!

Okay, the nearest book to me was sitting on the coffee table in the living room (I blog in the dining room). This book has always been in the same spot for the past six months because I tend to browse through everytime I watch Dr. Phil. Wait, did I just say, Dr. Phil???

Anyway, the book is called:

"Family First" by Dr. Phil McGraw
Page 46.

"You choose the emotions and feelings that will control your behavior in the family. And you choose how you act and how you react to everyone else in the family. Your choices affect your interactions with everyone else in the family."

Yes, I know, I know.. This book is not sexy, sorry, my friends! But there were times I totally turned to his wisdom when my relationship with JT was going through s0me rough stuff (many of you know what I am talking about, yes?)

So, I would like to pass this award to my wonderful blogging friends and they are:

1. Merc at bookbitten. She is a true Bookworm!
2. Sarah at A Blog About Sarah. She has really cool blog!
3. Rachel at LIVING AND LOVIN. She is kind and sweet, a wonderful mom!
4. Lydia at ...DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. She is gorgeous! I mean.. WOW!
5. Maegan at Maegan. She is simply amazing...

I hope all you girlies will accept this award!
And hope all of you are having a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo, ~M

Friday, November 7, 2008

Noisy Neighbor Update

Happy Dance Kitty Pictures, Images and Photos

Some of you might know that I have a nuisance neighbor upstairs. She is an exotic dancer (no biggie, I love some dancers. They are gorgeous and they can totally amaze me with pole dancing of theirs) who goes to work late in the afternoon, come home early in the morning and loves to throw a party at 3:00 AM.

Three weeks ago, someone knocked on our door, so I answered. The girl upstairs was standing right in front of me. Nice Maki had to smile. She said, "Can I ask you a favor? I am going to Miami, so can I leave this envelope with you? My friend "B" will pick it up. He lives next building, kinda big guy? I'll tell him to pick it up from you."
she handed me the envelope and I told her "Okay" with a big and nice smile that I could ever fake. I'm so weak. In my head, I was doing the happy dance. She's gonna be gone. We will be free from the noise at last!!! I was saying to myself,"Miami? How long will you be gone? Are you coming back? Please don't come back."

BTW, I was curious what was in the envelope although I never opened it. It was kind of fishy though. I smelled something dangerous. But anyway, a few days later the guy came by and picked it up. He is huge. I think his arm is twice or maybe three times as big as mine. This is why I don't want to mess with the girl - she knows many scary people.

While the girl upstairs was gone, I was in Heaven. Actually all of us (JT and my girls) were in Heaven. I didn't have to stay up tossing and turning, worrying about her coming home. I thought for a second, maybe, just maybe she decided to run away from bad guys and I'd never see her again. But man, was I wrong or what.

Last Sunday after dinner at my in-law's, I saw her car in the parking lot. JT and I both said, "Holy shit! She's back!" So sad, my friends. I was really sad...

Then yesterday, as I left the house to go to grocery shopping with my girls, we heard the neighbor's door shut. We looked and my Ju Ju spotted her locking the door. Ju Ju is a very loving and friendly person. She wants to talk to everybody. She walked back to say "hello" as I tried to tell her, "oh.. wait!" The girl said, "Hi.." and touched Ju Ju's head. Then I don't know what got into her, she started thanking me for taking care of her envelope. I told her no worries (I so wanted to ask what was in the white envelope).

Then I don't know what got into me, but I said, "So, you're gone for a while. Did you have good time?" - as in "Did you make good money?" Her reply was "Yeah, I really like it there. I am going back there soon." My face lit up. "I bet there are better things to do there, right? (as in "more customer= more $$$) SRQ is small city compare to Miami - it gets boring here sometimes." The girl said, "I think I will go back and forth and eventually I'm going to move there." "REALLY??" (YES!! YES!!) Thank you Miami! Thank you so much for being such a fun place!

Honestly, I can't wait for the day she moves. I am sure she is nice, but she has no clue how horrible she can be at night. Clueless.

Anyway, if you don't know the whole story, you can read it here

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Music heals my soul

I cry a lot. And I cry a lot about little things and everything whether it be music, movies, stories I read and hear on TV (news, shows, etc). If you want to see my tears, just show me a couple of good songs, you'd be amazed how easy it is. I was raised by a mother who cries with everything and a father who refuses to cry in front of people. It's fair to say that I took my mom's trait when it comes to tears.

I cried the other night listening to McCain's concession and Obama's winning speech. I think many of you did, too, because they were indeed most touching/moving speeches of all time. Listening to their speeches made me realize that we still have a long road ahead, but also it is very hopeful. When Ju Ju woke up the next morning, the first thing she asked me was who won the election. She has no idea what the president really means, but she wanted to know. So, I told her Barack Obama won. Ju Ju said, "Oh, so Brack Obaa~ma is president??" (her eyes rolled really big!!) I answered, "yes, he will be our next president."

On different note (although this is related to everything on this post), at dinner table, we play music. No TV, just music. I usually play old songs (Singers and Standars), so that we can relax and enjoy conversations. I love watching my girls eat and talk while listening to the music I was raised with. My father owns thousands of vinyl records and grew up listening to the music he loves. I'm so grateful for that. Jazz, R&R, R&B, you name it, my dad would play them for you...

I love TV of course, but I know I could live without it. But music? I can not live without it.

Anyway, after dinner last night, we were still listening to music (we play either my ipod or JT's) and Time after time by Cindy Lauper started to play(the video is so old and wouldn't do any justice cuz it's in 80's, but I love this song!!). Oh boy, I always cry when I listen to this song. I don't know why, but I get emotional with this song. And looking at my girls listening to it? Forget it. I could not stop crying. I think it had to do a lot with the election, Obama winning agaist many odds and thinking about my daughters' future did it to me. Deep inside, I think I am nervous and anxious about our future; what kind of a world we are living now and how it will be in many years to come. I want to provide best for my daughters and their future. I am hopeful and thankful that I have them in my life. I am a one lucky Mama! And I hope I can give my girls the best and what they deserve for. So I decided to play and dance with my hubs and my girls to all the songs that I loved listening grwoing up last night. Today, I decided to post some of them on here to share with you, my friends. Music is a wonderful medicine. It always brings good old memories....

True Colors by Phil Collins (original by Cindy Lauper): I used this song for the slideshow we did for my wedding reception.

YouTube wouldn't let her original video embeded, so I had to use semi okay version of "Time after time"

I was in 5th grade when this song came out: I was obessed with it. I don't know why. The video is kind of cheesy if you think now, but it was hot at the time. I still love the song!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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What a night folks, What a night... I am speachless(although I have a lot to say). I just witnessed one of the most dramatic and historic moments in our history.

Did you see the amount of people gather at Grand Park in Chicago waiting to hear our elected president's winning speech? I felt the tears flowing down from my eyes. It was an extreme moment which I was moved by the image on TV, the people gathering, waiving American flags and chanting. Today is the day people showed that they believe in something.

I have never seen so many people being so passionate about something. I have never seen so many young people wanting their voices to be heard. This election is not about which side you are on; whether you're a democrat or a republican. This election is about the passion and hopes that people have, the desire to change the situation we are in now.

I believe both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain fought against each other very well. And I think people in both sides fought well for their own cause. As so many people are happy and excited, I know some people may not be as happy as Obama supporters. But I want to say this; Now is the time to move forward and make a difference in our lives, together hands in hands. It's time for us to believe in ourselves that we can, too, change the world we live in.

I am not going to say much because I don't want to talk politics on my blog. But I hope and pray that what we witnessed tonight will bring prosperity and happiness to each one of you and people of the United States of America and the world!!!

The most moving and powerful speech I've ever heard. (part 1)

(part 2)

The most graceful and beautiful concession speech I've ever heard.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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The time has arrived. This is the most important day of our lives. Today will change our tomorrow and future. Let's pray and hope that no matter what happens today, this election will bring a new path, life and happiness to our country and the world!!!! Let your voice be heard: Go Vote!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Who knew I was 13 years old?

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I have "facebook" as well as "myspace". The other night, my sister in law up in NJ sent me an invitation to take "The True Age Test" on there. So, I tried and gave all 30 questions the best and honest answers I possibly could (I swear to God!). They gave me all kinds of stress related questions as well as family medical history, etc. I even said that I have a seasonal asthma which I thought would contribute a huge minus to my test result.

My sis-in-law's true age was 24 (although she is 33). She has a pretty stressful job working for Merrill Lynch which is going through a lot of change and she commutes 2 hours every morning and evenings, so I thought 24 isn't bad at all. I was thinking if I could get 22- 26 (because I don't have a lot of stress at work or at home), I would be very happy.

Well, after completing the test, I was really excited, smiling and clapping my hands, talking to the computer saying, "yeah, give it to me, baby!!" They gave the result to me alright. Are you ready everyone? My true age is......"13"....

Seriously, my friends.. I don't think I am happy about this. I just turned 35. I don't think I want to be 13 again. Yes, I am happy that I am young at heart, but "13" is like a little girl.

I don't even know if I should laugh or question my true inner Maki. Let's think.. 13 year old girl in 35 year old woman's body or 35 year old woman acting like 13 year old. Which is better?Either way, it doesn't sound good at all. Not attractive and it's really sad. And conversation with JT went like this;

Me: So, Sis S sent me the invitation to take "the true age test" last night, so I took it.
JT: Oh yeah?
Me: You wanna know how old I really am?
JT: (Started walking towards me, huge smile on his smile being very curious) - so, my lady how old are you?
Me: 13
JT: Bahahahaha! (almost falling to the ground and he did not stop laughing for about 5 minutes and said..) That's funny...
Me: Funny isn't it. That's right. I am 13. So sexy...

Oh well, I guess I get to be 14 next year when I turn 36.

If you are interested, you can take similar tests when you google "True Age Test". Most sites give 5 - 1- questions and not as detail as "facebook", but I think it's fun to find out your real/inner age. Let me know your result!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Sweet Candies

I hope all of you had a fun Halloween and great weekend!! I had a great time taking my girls to Trick or Treating.

Originally Ju Ju was supposed to be Wonder Woman, but I couldn't find the costume because her size were all sold out!!! I tried everything, but no luck. So, I came up with the next best idea; Super Woman. Well, Ju Ju was not happy with the idea because she really liked Wonder Woman's (or should I say Wonder Girl?) white metalic boots and gold hairband. You can see the photo here She kept saying, "Mama, I don't think Super Woman is that cute. She doesn't have the hairband and the boots I like.." She was really disappointed at first and I felt so bad about it. Because she was right about eveything she said. But Mama had to be strong. I told her, "Don't you worry, Ju Ju. You will be the best Super Woman and help all the people on Earth on Halloween!!!"

When we finally got the costume, Ju Ju was still not convinced. But when she finally tried it on, OMG, she was super cute!!!! Therefore, Super Woman she was.

Soapy was also difficult one to convince what "I" wanted her to be which was a Honey Bee. She wanted to be a Princess. No matter I said, her answer was "No, Mommy." So there you have it, Ju Ju as Super Woman and Soapy as Sleeping Beauty. I must say they looked super cute and lovely...

The night of Halloween, they walked the whole neighborhood and collected all the candies well worth of six month supply. I mean they usually complain about walking through the mall saying, "Mommy, I can't walk.." "Mommy, my feet hurts.." and find any excuse to be carried in my arms. But when it comes to all the sweets in the world, I think they were willing to roam around the block after block until I give up. What a determination and motivation! LOL. It's funny if you think about it.

Anyway, I have already decided what I am going to be next year..... Yes, I shouldn't be thinking about it because it's tooooooo soon (Halloween was only two nights three nights ago), but I am going to plan this well. I didn't get to be anything this year, but I am going to dress up next year with my kids!!!!!

So, how was your Halloween everyone???
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