Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Good Fight

Randy Pausch 1960 - 2008 ***The Book I treasure so much written by late Randy Pausch***

It took me a while for me to write this entry, talking about a wonderful teacher who taught so many important things in life to so many students, including myself. I personally did not know him, but I know who he was, how special and courageous person he was... His name is Randy Pausch. He was suffering from a terminal pancreatic cancer and lost his battle last month on July 25th.

I first saw him on Youtube last year giving a lecture to hundreds of students about his life and life itself. It touched me, he moved me and he taught so many things. I will not get into it in detail, but I was truly devastated when I learned his death.

I can't explan how much his book means to me ever since I laid my hands on it. He talks about love, hope and dream and NEVER, NEVER give up to live your life to its fullest. I hope that all of you have the chance to read this book "The Last Lecture". It will change your life, the way you want to live your life....


Alev said...

I love books about life and all, I should look the book up. :D

Maki said...

Yes, definitely you should.. It's really a wonderful book, I'll guarantee! M~

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