Thursday, August 20, 2009

They Are Baaaaaack and They Gave Me A Mean Cold..

Their time in NJ - at Boardwalk by the shore..

Hello Everyone!!!!! Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about my last night alone with JT. We did had a beautiful evening together followed by a nice mini stay at a hotel by the beach. I was a bit surprised when I learned he packed everything for me without my knowledge and hid the laggage in the truck (car). JT knows how to make me happy sometimes. LOL.
The girls are safely back. I was so excited and so happy when I heard the knock on the house door. There, two cute girls holding their teddies and standing with a huge smile on their faces. They cheered, "Mommmmmyyyy! Daddyyyyyyy!!" and ran to us. The grandpa and grandma were all smiley looking at us holding each other as a family again...

BUT. Ju Ju and Soapy were caughng and having runny nose. Ahem... Do you know what that means? Yep, I got a mean cold from them, too, as a present:)
I was totally in bed, beng miserable. It took me a while to being on my two feet agin - that's why I was away from blogging... Gosh, it was horrible.
But I'm so happy that my girls are home; the house are back to normal as hectic and crazy can be, but full of love!!!
I miss you all and I'm glad to be back to my regular broadcasting as well - I hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One More Night..

Two of our lil munchkins are coming back tomorrow afternoon, so JT and I are trying to enjoy our last night alone. We're heading to dinner at my favorite Japanese joint owned by Japanese couple. JT also is taking me to shopping which I'm SO excited about because you know, when you have two kids in tow, you really can't look around and shop except grabbing the dress without looking and pay!!

I must say, our mini vacay/honeymoon was a lot more than we anticipated. JT cooked me breakfast in bed on several occasions. Yeeess I know, I'm lucky. Also, I was able to accomplish many things that I hadn't done in 9 months ever since I started working again. I was able to sit and relax and do what I love the best; visiting all the blogs I love and catching up with all of you. Lieterary, that's all I did - eat, drink and sit in front of my computer and reading everyone's stories. I loved it!!!

Also, JT and I came to realize it's important to have our time alone and really enjoy each other. We told each other no more bringing our kiddies into our marital bed at night and let them sleep with us. I hope we stick to our words - we'll see...

Now we're heading to our last minute trip - JT says it's a surprise, so I'm anxious!!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sneak Peek!!!!

We had a photo session last week for our girls and my new business. Actually, it got postponed three times because of the rain and my girls were about to leave for their summer vacation, so we're so nervous. Ju Ju and Soapy prayed for four days, when we finally had a go, we're so ecstatic!!! It was a beautiful day with gorgeous sunset. I finally got a proof & CD today, so I thought I should share with all of you!

Beth over at Beth Wild Photography did such a wonderful job taking beautiful shots of my girls and my artwork. If you click on her blog, you can see more of her work including our photos. Go check her out!

Anyway, I'm walking towards my dream slowly, but surely - I'm so happy and excited!! My business website should be up and live in two weeks. So stay tuned, my lovelies!!



Monday, August 10, 2009

Target Knows the Right Button to Push!

I had to fill some RX's last week. JT and I usually get our medecines at Walgreen, but JT told me that I should try fill it at Target because he got a letter from our insurance that it might be cheaper. When it comes to prescription, I get very paranoid and nervous, so I told JT, I don't want anything cheap, I want the best ones because I don't want to get sick. He said, "Whether it's Walgreen or Target, they usually give us generic ones, just try it."

So, I went to Target. An hour later, I got the bag and I looked inside.. I must admit, I love the package. They look so cute in the red bottles, much better than the ones JT has from Walgreen, the orange ones. Hehehe.

Really, they are very cute to look at. The description card for the medicine is inserted in between the sticker and the bottle which adds another cute factor. Very creative!

So far, the meds are working fine. I've been feeling nauseated, but that's because I take medicines without food sometimes... When I feel sick, one thing that I want to eat is chilled Cantaloupe. I can eat a whole cantaloupe - juicy slices, so yummy. I'm eating cantaloupe right now as I type this post.

What do you crave for when you're feeling sick?

BTW, I love this song Carpenter's "Close to you" covered by Josefine Cronholm. However, getting this song is impossible. I'm very disappointed about this because it's really pretty....

I hope you are having a great Monday!!!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Have A Sweet Weekend!!!

JT and I were heading to a doctor's appointment this morning when we bumped into a huge car accident. The traffic was horrendous because of people heading to work and the accident happened right off the highway exit. We're running late to our appointments, but accident is accident, there was nothing we could do, but wait for the traffic to clear. I called the doctor's office and they knew about the accident, so they told us not to worry, no rush, just get to the office safely.

Once we passed the accident site, JT and I were talking and cruising along listening to Jack Johnson. JT tried to change the lane when we heard this huge honk behind us. We looked back and this girl in a blue Crossfire flipping bird to us. We're not so sure why she were so mad, but I guess we cut her in. When two lanes opened to three lanes, the same girl gave us another finger as she speds away. I was totally in disbrief. She could be in her late teens ~ early twenties. I understand the accident had caused many people to be late for work or to place they needed to get to, but I didn't need anyone to give us a finger, twice for a minor mistake in a pleasant morning. I was getting real annoyed.

Now, we let her go and minding our own business, we saw that blue Crossfire again in front of us because traffic was slow going and we had caugh up to her. She was speeding so much that she almost hit a car driving in front her because the car slowed down for a red light. She was giving another finger to the black car. I've never seen anything like it. She was honestly VERY unhappy person - I think we all have some sort of road rage quality in us, but it was very uncomfortable watching a person acts like the way she did. She almost ruined my morning, but JT soon changed that by buying me an Iced Grande Latte from Starbucks.

Seriously though, everybody; don't get so upset and angry when you're driving. Nothing good comes out when you road rage. I bet the girl will end up causing an accident someday - if anything, she would be the one to hurt someone and she would have no scratch. I know it.

So let's be happy and drive safely. BTW, what is your plan for this weekend? Anything exciting?

Have a sweet weekend!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Honeymoon Day 2

So, it's been two days since Ju Ju and Soapy left for NJ. The house is all quiet and I expect to hear them crying for me late at night or their voices in the afternoon, but I don't. It's just weird feeling for not having them around for such a long period of time.

The night they arrived in NJ, they called us to say good night and to tell us that they miss their daddy and mommy. They promised they'll call tomorrow (Wednesday). Well, they didn't!

Me and JT were staring at both of our cell phones and house phone past 7pm. JT said, "Okay, I can't take it, I'm gonna call them now.." and tried to call his mom on her cell. "JT, if the girls miss us, they'll call us. Let's wait for them to call.." I said. I cooked Prime Rib with corn and broccoli and baked potato for dinner. It was very nice because we went to buy the steak together and shopped around at the Fresh Market just two of us which we hadn't shopped like that in a long time. We usually busy telling our girls to stay in the cart or stay by us and rushing ourselves to get out the supermarket.

Anyway, after we ate dinner, still no phone calls from NJ. Now, it's me telling JT to call. He called, no answer. We called again after 20 minutes. No answer nor phone call...

We were shocked! Our girls don't miss us..... :( Mommy and daddy are heartbroken.

I guess, the girls are having way too much fun, fun enough to forget to call their mama and daddy. Believe me, I know it is a great thing - we're happy for them. But we want to hear their voice. Girls, please call mommy and daddy!

Also, JT is looking into a hotel in town for us to stay when he has a few days off next week. Apparently it was a little surprised, but I saw him on the computer doing stuff and saw him checking out some nice places.... I am very excited!!!!

The thing is, JT and I have been enjoying our time together a lot more than we have anticipated. We do miss our girls terribly, especially at night, but I must admit I do enjoy time alone with my husband. I was already pregnant with Ju Ju when I married JT, so we never had been alone since our wedding. Granted, we dated two years before getting married, but we're always JT, Maki & Ju Ju, then we added Soapy after three years of marriage.

I think JT and I are discovering each other again - we laugh more and we cuddle more. We are back as a young couple who love to spend time together. Having children do change priority in our lives. We're always busy trying to raise two little adults. I love them to death and my life is not complete without them, but I think JT and I missed many things that are important in our relationship which is to be a husband and a wife, not just daddy and mommy.

One of the things is that I go to bed with JT, only to be awaken by our daughters early in the wee hours, asking me to sleep with them because they're scared. I drag my heavy body and walk them to their room. The right thing to do would be to put them back to bed and head back to our bedroom. But, I get so tired that I end up sleeping in their room, either with Ju Ju or Soapy. I knew we needed to break this bad habit of ours, but I had a very tough time. Ju Ju told me, "Mommy, I'm going to practice to sleep alone when I go to NJ. Are you happy, you can sleep with daddy now!" So, for the past two nights I'm sleeping in bed with JT through out the night - morning, waking up next to him. It's a wonderful feeling. I'm truly enjoying our time together. I'm grateful for JT's mom taking our daughters to the longest summer trip in NJ - I think this will be great for all of us...

Also, I'm so fortunate to have my grandfather who taught me so much while growing up. He's no longer alive, but him surviving that fateful morning 64 yars ago, has shaped who I am. I believe two things so strongly because of him; Love and Peace....

If you're new to my blog and if you missed last year's post, you can read ithere... I miss you, Ojichan, so very much.

Have a great day, everyone!



Sunday, August 2, 2009

Say "Hello" To My Little Friend!

Hi Everyone!!! Can you believe it's already August? It's last stretch to the end of summer. I thought we're just talking about welcoming spring, now summer is almost over.....

Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the summer vacation. My little munchikins are leaving their mommy and daddy for their 10 day summer vacation in a few days. JT is freaking out, actually. I'm a lot more calm about this. I will definitely let you know how our scond honeymoon is going..

Now, I've finally decided on my new digital camaera - I just ordered Lumix by Panasonic. My lil sister and her husband who is a part time photographer both have it and they both love theirs. Also, my dear friend Bakergirl who is also a photograher suggested it. The reason? Leica's lens!!!! I've seen all the photos that my sister has taken, they are absolutely beautiful. The color is simply amazing!!! I'm so excited getting it in the mail and snap away many beautiful things in my life...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and suggestions - It truly helped me to study and choose what I really want. Thanks again!

This week's Sunday music choice is "Spotlight" by Jennifer Hudson. It's been my "it" song for awhile and it's my answer tone. I think she has a beautiful voice. If you got true talent, you don't need to win American Idol - she totally proved it!

Hope you'e having a fabulous weekend!

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