Monday, April 27, 2009

Your Hotness May Not Last Forever..

the outsiders Pictures, Images and Photos
One of my all time favorite movies is "The Outsiders" - It's classic. I have it on DVD and I watch the film time to time when I feel like reminiscing my old days. Seriously, it was my best years when I was in fourth grade - six grade. Looking at those pretty boys made me wanting to live in America! So I did. LOL.

The Brat Pack - all those actors and actresses in the movies in the 80's had something that many young actors nowadays don't have. I still adore those actors! But you know, they can not stay young forever. Let's see who aged well or not.

OUTSIDERS! Pictures, Images and Photos

THE OUTSIDERS Pictures, Images and Photos
Rob Lowe Pictures, Images and Photos
Rob Lowe - He played the gorgeous Soda Pop. I believe he aged well. He doesn't have the bad boy image anymore, but he totally came back as a good father and husband.

Patrick Swayze Pictures, Images and Photos
Patrick Swayze - this photo is from the set of "Beast". He is sick and still smoking cigarett- I love it. Well, he's almost 60, so he's doing pretty good, not bad at all. I still love his voice.

emilio estevez Pictures, Images and Photos
Emilio!!! I always loved seeing him in movies. Now he's a great director.

Tom Cruise Pictures, Images and Photos
I've said this before; no matter what other people say, I'm a devoted Tom fan. He had me at "hello"...

Matt Dillon Pictures, Images and Photos
Matt Dillon - I love him, next to Tom. He doens't age at all. He is sexy and still got it together. Check out YouTube clip - it's cute...

And then.... Well, I have been watching the new TV seriese {South Land} and there is this cop who is kind of annoying in it. The acting is horrible and really, I am so turned off by him. But then, I know I have seen him somewhere. I definitely know him. But I just couldn't figure out until the third episode and it hit me.
The annoying cop is Thomas C. Howell; yep, the little cute kid Pony Boy from the Outsiders. He is looking rough!! Really, everone. He's only 42. He's younger than my husband, but he looks so much older!! I was disappointed!!

Ralph Macchio Pictures, Images and Photos
Ralph Macchio - Mr. Karate Kid. He's clost to 50, so he does look young, but his hair shows his real age. Do you think he's making any money nowadays?

Now, he has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I should mention how much I have enjoyed watching my rebound TV show "South Land" - it's better than I thought although it will never replace my true love "ER". Ben McKenzie from OC plays a rookie cop and he's great in it. Now I know whey many girls were going ga-ga over him on OC...

So, my friends, do you have any favorite actors from 80's????

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Am Lost Without You..

texting Pictures, Images and Photos

Everyone, I'm totally lost without him. Actually, I am talking about my cell phone, not my husband.

Well, my beloved Blackberry broke down on me last night after I tried to download the new software. It totally went and I can't make or receive calls or it won't even let me turn on/off it. It's dead...

After being on the phone for three hours with three technicians trying to revive him, I was told that my Blackberry was useless. Now, since I purchased the phone less than a year ago, it was under warrenty and they are sending me a replacement for free. The catch is, it takes 5 business days with standard shipping for free or 1 - 2 business days shipping for $12. Of course, I told them that I would pay $12, so get him to me fast!! My new phone will arrive on coming Monday which means I have to live without a cell for the next four nights. I am devastated!!

I ususally use my cell to send text messages or browse online while at work - especially when I'm bored and nothing to do. I am not allowed to surf the web at work, so it comes really handy, if you know what I mean. And I love texting my friends or my husband, just saying something silly or kill time. Great thing about those smart phones nowadays is that you have an instant access to email or web. They tell you when you have new email or text - say hello to "beep, you got mail!" Therefore, not getting those instant fix is sooo painful to me.

Today was my "day 1" without my cells phone. Oh my god, do you know how hard it has been? It is indeed torture!! I was showing the first sign of withdrawls - I was shaking because I couldn't text or just browsing through it. I honestly don't know what I am going to do without it until Monday.

Now I am back to the old methods for communication - email and home phone. It's killing me. Seriously. If you think about it, we used to have a pager and called the person back or check the answering machine for messages or wait until you go home and check your emails. Do you remember those days? We did have patience back then, don't you agree? So I guess, this could be a good thing for me.. Maybe I can relearn how to be patient and enjoy the silence... Not! LOL

So, everyone, do you love your cell phone? What would you do if your phone gets lost or being damaged and have to live without it for a few days? Would you go insane or what? Hold your phone tightly everyone because you don't want to lose or break it!

Aw, hurry to me, my dear Blackberry!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

{My Husband...}
{One of my favorite photo of us..} {I don't know why, but he was licking my face.. LOL.}
I have two things to celebrate today...
First thing first, today is our 7th Anniversary since we got married. 7 years!! Wow..

As many of you know that it's been a rough week for both of us which definitely has reinforced our commitment to each other and our family. Because JT hasn't been feeling 100%, we decided to postopone our anniversary dinner date until he feels better. However, we went to our weekly Sunday dinner at JT's mom's and celebrate with the family. JT had not been at Sunday dinner for over a month because he works Sunday nights. Our daughters were very happy that their daddy got to enjoy Sunday dinner with everyone and it was very heartwarming evening.

It amazes me how two people can work differences and stay together for so long. Of course I don't pretend that everything is great between JT and I, but we love each other and we'll keep continue to love each other. Marriage is not all rosey and dreamy, but walking the life together hand in hand, side by side and not giving up. And I believe JT and I will be together and grow old together...

I love this song - it's so perfect for our anniversary althought Paul Davis looks scary. LOL

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!!

Another thing to celebrate today is that today is my 200th post! Actually I totally forgot about my 100th post and when I realized it was like 110th, so I couldn't wait to celebrate my 200th! I want to thank you all my sweeties who have been reading my blog - I haven't been doing a good job of posting it daily for the past few months, but I'm hoping to get that groove back on soon.

Again, thanks SOOOOOOOO much for all your support and I love you!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Friday, April 17, 2009

JT Is Alive and Home...

gratitude Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to thank all of you, my friends, who have left me all the comments love for my earlier post. Your prayers and thoughtfulness have meant a lot to me and my family...

I'm sorry for not being up-to-date about JT's condition - I was so busy going back and forth between the hospital, my house and my in-law's.


JT is finally home and doing better. He was in induced coma for three days, intubated and had gone through ton of tests. In the end, his condition was not serious as first suspected by doctors. (BTW, his voice is shut - it sounds like he has a woman's voice. Seriously.) Although he did suffered from seizures, he didn't have anything that was life threatening. There are still many things being unanswered and I am still puzzled by a lot of things that happened to my husband.

For all those days he was in ICU and after going through all sorts of testing which includes blood tests, two Spinal Tap, MRI, CAT Scan and EEG, the only explanation that the doctors (an intesitive doctor, infection doctor and neurologist) could give us was JT suffered seizures. But truthfully, I did not see him having seizures while he was sick, throwing up and having diarrhea at home. I know he was showing some seizure activities while he was in ICU, but that was not the reason I brought my husband to ER.

It's frustrating.

But I know we all need to be grateful that he's alive and safe. And I want to send my sincere gratitude to all my dear readers/friends who have come to my previous post to support me through this difficult time. Your prayers were answered - Thank you sooooo much!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waiting in the ER...

This is my first time to blog using my blackberry... It's the day before Easter and I am in the ER by my house waiting..

It all started this morning. My Soapy was sick last night, so I was sleeping with her in the girls' room. Then I realized my husband was going in and out of bathroom in our bedroom. I woke up and went to our bedroom to see what's going on. There I found my husband really sick, throwing up and everything. I thought he got food poisoning, so I told him to relax and lay on the bed..

JT and I were supposed to take the girls to Easter Egg Hunting, but because JT was so sick, I had to call JT's mom and ask her and her husband to take the girls for us...

By past noon, there's no sign of him getting better,but worse, and he's getting disoriented or doesn't know where he was or what he's doing. So I decided to call my friend who's a nurse. She told me to take him to the ER. So, I asked JT to get ready, but he's no way near being able to walk himself to the car. I called his stepdad to see if he could help me, he came, but JT was so disoriented, we decided to call 911, so that he could see doctors asap.

Ambulance came, EMT's took him to the hospital ER. The doctor has ordered bunch of tests and nurse has been working om him for the past three hours. So far, some tests results came back and his white blood cells counts are really high and he has urine infection. He also has fever. Because he has a severe headache and vomitting for the past 10 hours, they are trying to figure out where the infections is. They also had to put a tube in his lungs because he's been knocked out, so that they can run some tests. JT is on his way to get CAT scan and also spinal tap and he'll be in the ICU for the rest of the night. One of the nurse is sooooooooo nice and I am glad she is taking care of him.

We thought he was suffering from food poisoning, but it's far more serious than that. I know he'll be okay, but the waiting sucks... It's funny how I talked how much I love the show "ER" and how great those docs and nurses were,well, I never thought I'm going to be in "ER" for real.

This is not my first time to sit and wait for some answers. JT suffers from Seizure disorder and we've been here before. But this is completely different breed. The nurse told me that he is really sick and it was good that we brought him in.

Tomorrow is Easter and I just hope that we get to spend time together at JT's mom's house, but I am not so sure if it will be possible..

I'm here in the waiting room alone, just waiting and waiting and praying.. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mommy's One Fine Day

Today was my day off. I had lunch with my friend and it was so nice to be with someone I can totally be myself because all I do at my work is to be friendly and put a huge smile on my face to greet customers. It's not always easy.

Then after lunch, I picked my daughters up at friend's house and took the girls to Dunkin Donuts. They got munchkins - They love that stuff. And I got myself an Iced Latte. Let me tell you, their coffee is not bad at all. Acutally I always enjoy their Iced Latte. It definitely tastes different from Starbucks Iced Latte which I truly love, but I sometimes feel Dunkin's latte is smoother.


The weather was so nice today that I opened all the windows as soon as we got home. And before you know it, I laid on the couch watching the girls play. It was around 4:15pm as we watched Giada's Everday Italian on FoodNetwork, (my daughters adore Giada and we always watch her show together) I started to get really, really sleepy. I was fighting not to fall asleep, but I was losing it. So I asked the girls to bring mommy their blankets - they thought that I was playing.

Me: Okay girls, mommy is getting really sleeeeeppppyyyyy~~

Ju Ju & Soapy: Mommy, we brought our blankets... there yu go (and they put two warm blakets over my body)

Me: Let me take a nap for 10 mins. Just 10 mins - that's all I need!

So I close my eyes and almost drifting away, but not fully because I feel really bad about taking a nap while girls are playing. Now I hear them whispering and talking to Giada and to each other.

Ju Ju: Wow.. that looks so yummy - I want mommy to make it for dinner. Giada is a great cook, but mommy is the bestest cook. (she is so sweet)

Soap: Yeah..

Ju Ju: Is mama sleeping?

Soap: I dunno - let me seeee.. (She climb on top of me and gives me kiss twice on my lips)

Ju Ju: She is really tired.

Soap: uh huh

My little girls's conversations were too cute to listen ( even though I was 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep).

Now, I probablly closed my eyes and slept for 10 minutes, but I was totally recharged. Power nap is so great. I just want to thank my girls who had let their mommy sleep even just for 10 minutes without trying to wake me up. Thanks girls - it was my perfect day off.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So long....

I'm literary still mourning the loss of my {FAVORITE} tv series "ER"... I am compeletely devastated. I haven't had the motivation to do anything except watch all the episodes over and over again on DVD's, Kleenx box on my lap. I can no longer see new episodes - what am I going to do without new episodes on Thursday night????

I'm sure many of you might think, "Gosh, Maki, are you serious? You still watch that show?" or "I couldn't wait for the show to be off the air!!!"

But I had watched the show for 15 years. Yep, it's worth 15 years of my life - I was only 20 back then. "ER" is part of my life......

I don't know if the new series "South Land" can ever replace ER, but I surely hope it to be my rebound....

So, lets rewind and review all the hunks who got my heart throughout the series...

Oh how I still cherish those beginning episodes (The photo above: from the 3rd season)...

The begining of ER - Dr. Green (Anthony Edward) and Dr. Doug (George Clooney). The best buddies/docs in ER history. I loved watching them together..

When Russ was still bigger than George Clooney himself.

Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) & Dr. Pratt (Mekh Phifer) in Africa - Those were one of my favorite episodes where they helped refugees in Africa...

Dr. Luca Kovac (Goran Visnjic) - I must admit my Russ days were over when he appeared for the first time on ER.

Luca helping refugees in Africa with Dr. Carter. He looks so good!! There are many real doctors who dedicate their lives to help people around the world....

And there comes Paramedic Tony Gates (John Stamos). Initally, John Stamos was supposed to appear only for several episodes, but you know, who could just let him go after a few episodes? I was praying he'd get a reoccuring role and my prayer was granted! He becomes an Intern at County General. Yay yay!

If Dr. Gates was my doctor, I would totally get myself sick at least once a month and run to ER. John Stamos has aged really well. He is still hot.

And then, my favorite of all favorites - Dr. Archie Morris (Scott Grimes). Seriously, everyone. I love him. I love everything about him. He is funny, cute and smart. He is not tall, but that's okay. He was the reason I sat in front of the tv every Thursday for the past 5 years. Dr. Morris is just awesome...

See, he's cute!

And my other favorite doc, Dr. Lucien Dubenko (Leland Orser) with Archie. There's something about his presense that made ER special. Cool cool doctor.

Oh, yeah, I must not forget Dr. Simon Brenner (David Lyons). He's a new face with a cocky attituted for ER. The bad boy image totally got my attention. His dark past was shocking revelation in one of the episodes.

And he finally begins the heal process.. I like Dr. Brenner.

On the set... hehehehehe...

Dr. Carter & Dr. Gates - pretty boys. I was sooo happy to see Dr. Carter back...

The wrap up - the end of ER...... Cheers!!! - thanks so much for the great 15 years!!!
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