Thursday, August 28, 2008

They Did It!!!!!

Have you ever heard of a blog called "JUNK"???? It is a blog about two guys who had made a raft made with thousands of plastic bottoles and a cockit, and had crossed Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.

Marcus and Joel finally arrived in Honolulu, HI yesterday safely (Aug27, 08) -- It is just incredible!! Can you imagine navigating a raft without any kitchen or any sort of nice amenities, spending 87 days out in the ocean??? They pretty much ate fish everyday which of course they caught by themselves. They got to enjoy cheesecake or some gourmet (lol) food once in a while which they stored in the freezer, but didn't touch most of them until they were close to Hawaii.

I was fortunate enough to come across their journery which was four weeks ago - Thanks to 'Blog of Note' and had followed their progress everyday. I even received a reply to my comment from them which was posted on their blog which was tremendous joy..

Their purpose for this journey is to spread the notion how badly our ocean has been damaged by plastic or debris or whatever we, human beings leave in the ocean or on land. They fished out so many plastic particles under the water, scamming through them one after the other which was pretty scary. Last week, they caught a fish to eat and while they're preparing it to filet, they found little tiny pieces of plastic in it.. Unbelieveable!!!

These two guys' determination to do whatever they did was beyond my belief and words; I mean, I always talk about global warming or saving planet, but really, besides using recycled papaer or turning off unused room's lights, I haven't done much to ease the problems. (I do, pick up stuff that people leave on the beach,etc.)
That's why I truly admire their mission: A selfless act of serving the the nature.

Their message indeed has touched my heart and I know I have to do all I can to decrease the use of any sort of plastic. Yes, we sometimes need plastic, but do we really need to use for everything? I banned to use plastic plates and utensils in my household : I say "No" when being asked whether we need them for our takeouts. I talked about this before, but have been using cotton bags for grocery shopping which I have been doing it for a while. I think, what it takes to save beautiful Earth is determination which demonstrated by ordinary people like myself or Marcus or Joel.. People like us have more power and voice than one big celebrity doing the cause. I am humble and always believe that we are not superior than our mother nature, but being a little part of its life. I mean who are we to destroy all the beauty of Earth?

So let's do it, folks, we can do it, just like Marcus and Joel had!! If you would like to know who Marcus and Joel are and what they have accomplished, please go to their blogJUNK" or you can go to my "Favorite Blog to Read". It's truly worth reading their blog and you'll be grateful you did.


Alev said...

WOW!! That is so cool!! Congrats to the guys for making it. :D Wish there were more people like you or them.. :/

Maki said...

YES! They are really cool people too - it's fun to read and watch their journey. Go and check them out!

Tricia said...

I just read about this today, and it was wonderful. We're also working to eliminate more plastic from our family life.

Maki said...

Hi tricia; yes, their blog is wonderful and they are such a great commited people. That's great that you're trying to eliminate plastic from your house. What we need is people like youself; doing the little things possible.. Thanks for your comment!

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