Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Man's Mistake, Actually a HUGE Mistake..

I was kind of surprised to know about Set. Edwards' sex scandal. He had this clean image he presented to the public; a good and a loving husband to a wonderful wife and woman, Elizabeth who's fighting breast cancer for the past four years, and a wonderful father to his children. If anything, he'd be the one to criticize men who are unfaithful to their wives. I think he did that to Bill Clinton. He seemed very sincere and charming.

But, I want to say, "Wake Up America!!!" I don't want to be cynical, but do you think he's the only one who cheats on wife? Many people are doing it behind the closed door. He's not the only one who cheats on their spouses. I hate to see Senator Edward be the scapegoat for so many others who are doing the same thing as he had done and portray as a bad person.

True, he's a political figure (once a presidential candidate) that many had looked up to, admired and trusted and he had no right to break the trust. But he's also a human being who made mistakes. His political life is done. He won't be able to come back. But I'm sure he'll do all he can to build back the relationship with his wife and family, that should be his priority. And I hate to see this situation unfold on TV when I know his wife and family want to deal with it privately (as it reports, him and his wife already talked and have dealt with it since 2006.)

People are angry because they say he lied about it; but what would you? Wouldn't you deny at first? I mean come on.. Well, it's true, he should never betrayed his family and wife, but I'm sure he'll be paying a lot of price for it with his dignity stripped away.....


Alev said...

People are desperate for scandals and use anyone they can find to use as media material, toying with people's lives like this is just sickening really. You are right, there are a lot of those people out there doing this, focusing on that man is just meaningless. Now his place in politics is ruined, probably will lose his family, and with all that coming in, he has to deal with public humiliation also. Yeah, made a mistake, a HUGE mistake which he will pay a big toll for, but still. Give the guy a break..

Maki said...

I agree with you, girl. He's stupid for doing the stuff he did, but I also feel bad for him... It's really between his wife/family and him. Oh well, what can we say more right?

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