Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fallens

Early Tuesday morning, two Tampa police officeres were gunned down and killed. Officer David Curtis and officer Jeffrey Kocab were shot during an early morning traffic stop and tried to arrest a suspect who had a bench warrent being issued against him for writing a worthless check. For A check!!! What I am afraid is that we're all getting used to this type of violence - it scares me...

I'm speechless. So senseless. Two lives were taken for nothing. There is no point to this really, than the suspect choosing to kill, no regards to lives whatsoever. What kind of world are we living these days? Both officers were husband and father - and they were both 31.

Officer Kocab's wife is 9 month pregnant with their first child and is due next week, but the reports surfaced that because of all the stress she has gone through since her husband's death, she has gone into labor. The police department however, says that she's having contractions, but she won't be delivering today... Can you imagine what's that like to lose your husband while you're 9 month pregnant, and not have him right next to you, helping you through the delivery or not having him to hold the baby for the first time? This is so sad that he won't be there for such a beautiful day, which would have been the happiest moment of their lives.

I can't imagine the pain and sadness that surround two officers' wives and children - they were alive Monday and the next morning they were gone. They say goodbye to their families and promised they will be home, but never comes home. It's such tragedy that many of us are angry and ask, "Why?" Is this a simple reminder that our lives are fragile, and we never know when is our time to say goodbye? And that we have to live our lives every day to it's fullest??

I just don't know....

Quality Time In the Theatre ~ Sex and The City 2 & Toy Story 3

Last week, my mother in law and I went to see "Sex and the City" together with mom's friends after having dinner and drink. I was thrilled when my daughters told me that I have a date with their grandma to see the movie the night before because having two little kids, even going to see a movie gets to be hard at times . Surrounded by older ladies, I listened to their stories, laughed and had a wonderful time drinking two frozen mango margaritas and the mashroom and avocado hamberger.

After the dinner, we saw the movie and my verdict : It was a lot better than I thought! It's maybe because I had heard so many bad reviews that my expections were really low. But honestly, I thought the movie was rather funny and cute. Yes, it wasn't like, "Oh my god, that was awesome!!" kinda movie, but I laughted so many times. And some of the focus was about Charlotte being the mother of two and sturuggled to cope with her stress of being a mother. I could relate with her and Samantha having the confession and sharing their pain or stress of taking care of child. The first movie is better, but "2" is definitely a movie that you will enjoy if you love "Sex and the City" on HBO and miss seeing the girls..

This was one of my favorite scenes where she walked in her old closet.
This is the girl I always love - cute Carry...

I must say 80's is plain hideous.


Everything about the 80's - fashion and music is something we'll never taste again.

They are very much in love....

I love these guys - good old pals and husbands from the great series on HBO.

If every airplane has this luxury bar and the suite, I would never complain about
a long flight...

They are so different, but they love one another.

And the moment I couldn't stop saying, "Awwwwww".
My Aiden. They are so cute together. They were the most adorable couple in the series.
It was so nice to see his face....

The very next day, I took my Ju Ju and Soapy to see "Toy Story 3" with Ju Ju's classmate and her mom. Everyone, you HAVE to see this movie!!!! It was really cute, funny and heart warming. This movie always makes me think about the toys that my kids have or I had -it's such a great concept. Seriously, I really want you to see this movie - you will not regret it. At the end of the movie, all of the audiences in the theatre clapped their hands and cheered, and even stayed until the end of credit. It was really, really good!!! And hearing our kids laughing, oh, it was so worth it.

Two characters that stole the show - Barbie and Ken. Oh Ken was hilarious.

And I love these ailiens - they are so slow and clueless - too cute.
So everyone, have you seen "SATC 2" or "Toy Story 3"?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Carlos Bocanegra & World Cup...

{Image via GAWKER}

The US team lost against Ghana (Thanks Riff Dog!) Saturday after putting up a good fight. I was very disappointed that the team wasn't able to go to the next round, but I give full credit to all the players for their fair and great sportsmanship.

I stumbled upon this image of the former President Clinton and my favorite Carlos Bocanegra, the captain of US team. This photos must be taken when US won the game against Algeria last week during the loss time in the first round. I must say, president looks like a cute groupy who is so happy that he gets to take a picture with Carlos with Bud in hand. I would love to be in between those two man and snap a picture...

{This video features many of my favorite football players: Fabio Cannavaro, Rooney, Ronaldo}

This Adidas CM features Snoop, Harison Ford and Beckham!!!!! Classic and I enjoy watching these special commercial just made for World Cup.}

I'm pretty much glued to TV and watch World Cup all day long - it's been very lazy, but satisfying two weeks...

How about you? Did you have a nice weekend???

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Comes, Hubby Goes...

Summer is officially here! Yay!!! I love summer. I love everything about it, and I'm so looking forward to all the things this delicious and favorite season of mine has to offer...

On a different note - my husband JT left early this morning back to NJ again. He had to go straight to work as soon as he landed, so he caught the early flight out - I had to get up 5:30am to drive him to the airport! It was such a brief stay, but I think it was one of the best time we ever had in a long time as a husband and a wife as well as family.

Some of you may already know this, but my husband and I have gone through a lot together (Please read here if you haven't read one of my posts about our history) and I can honestly say that it hasn't been an easy ride. I guess marriage can be very difficult at times. We have struggled financially for the past few years because of his health condition as well as him losing a job a year and a half ago. But now he's working for his father's company and things are going so much better and finally, I feel like we're heading the right direction. We were laughing more, and I can honestly say that we had the best time this Father's Day weekend.

I almost cried when I saw him kissing our daughters while they're still asleep his morning before heading to the airport - He kissed and kissed and kissed their lips and cheeks, and whispering to them. But they didn't get to say goodbye to their daddy because we decided not to wake them and take them with us in the car. {Remember, we're still at JT's mom's house since we haven't gotten the carpets yet in the condo} JT held my hand all the way to the airport while he's driving. I miss him very much.

The only thing is though, this is something JT and I have talked about since he moved to NJ for his new job in February that if things go well for him, we really need to think about relocating back to NJ. I lived in NJ for 9 month before, but we moved to FL to be close to JT's mom. I've grown my love for this place and I've finally made my life here like I did in Hawaii. It took so long for me to find my own friends that I can call my real friends. Ju Ju also started school a few years ago and she has her own friends now. Deep down, I know we have to be close to daddy because we are family and family always stay together. However, I've moved around so much for the past six years, I just don't feel like doing it all over again unless it's really necessary.

It's not fair to JT that he's away from his daughters and it's not fair to the girls that they can't see Daddy - but we've agreed that we'll do this long distance thing for a year until JT can establish himself at his new job. I left my home, Hawaii six years ago and it totally broke my heart. Then I moved back to the island with JT, Ju Ju and Soapy four years ago and I thought we'd never move again. But we had to move again this time to NJ... Ever since then, I feel like I'm not the same person anymore. Something inside me shifted and I've put a huge guard and try not think too much about Hawaii.

The place I want to be more than anything is my home. Even Ju Ju tells me we should move back to Hawaii because she loves food there (LOL) and I can be close to my mom and sisiter. She tells me it's okay to say goodbye to her friends because she knows that's where we are be the happiest... But right now, I take the second best place - Florida.... I'm just not ready to lose what I have come to love. Again. Family is important. No doubt about it. But I'm just not ready to feel the sadness of saying goodbye to all the people I call my friends and famly now. I did that six years ago and I'm too scared to do it again... Am I being selfish? I don't know..

What do you think I should do???

I realize there is some confusion from the readers with where I haved lived in the past six years, so I decided to provide my histor

January, 2008 - June, 2010: Florida
April 2007 - December 2007: New Jersery
June 2006 - April 2007: Hawaii
March 2004 - Mary 2006: Florida

See I've moved around a lot..

Last Saturday @ Lido Beach - My BFF K and My other BFF A's son D

He loves snacking.... That's my bag of Mix!

My husband JT enjoys watching D - he always wanted a son...

We asked this gentleman to take our group photo and this is what he took. I don't know if he's blind or just didn't know how the camera works, but we barely see our children's faces. WTF? And best part - this was his second try!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Is Home!!!

My husband has been home since Thursday. Our daughters and I are very happy he's back and we get to spend Father's Day together. He's flying out again tomorrow and starts another week of work in NJ... But I think he'll be able to commute more often soon, that's great news!!!
My dad is in Tokyo, so I don't get to tell him how grateful I am for all he's done for me and my sister. He is the best father I could ever ask for and I'm so fortunate to have him as a father... I love you, Daddy!!!
And to all the Dads out there - enjoy your day!! You definitely deserve to be treated like a King today!!!
{Enjoy the images of dads in the world, famous or non-famous}

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can He Save Our Gulf???

BP has finally ordered 30 machines from Kevin Costner the other day. He came before Congress a month ago and pleaded his case that he could help with the oil spill in the gulf. His machine can seperate the oil and water and bring 99.9% of clean water back into the ocean.

He talked with Anderson Cooper on CNN the other night and explained how this machine works and it's pretty amazing. I know there are other companies that have great systems to tackle this catastrophic oil spill, however, Kevin's machines seem to have a great promise... He's such a great guy, you can see it from looking at his various interviews or the talkshows he's been on. He is sincere and very caring. He's also very funny - if you listen to the interview with Anderson, he'll make fun of himself at the end.

I still remember I used to look at his movies or photos in the magazines and think how handsome he was - I was in Elementary School - Middle School. He's aged, but he's still a good looking man. I listed all of Kevin movies I've seen before. Of course he's been in more films, but these are the films that I saw and I must admit, I really enjoyed them all, except Water World. LOL.

My favorite movie of all time {The Untouchables}
Nothing beats this movie. Simply amazing.

This is also a great movie - I cried a lot.

Do you like Kevin Costner? Have you seen any of his films?
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