Friday, August 1, 2008

When we do it together...

Below content is what I have posted on my myspace a while back, but I thought I share with you. I start to realize many people are doing their part to be kind to our planet and I'm very happy. But I think we have a long road ahead and let's do it together to save our Earth for our future generation!!!!


When I go to grocery shopping, I use the shopping bags that I bought at the super market to bag the stuff I buy, so that I don't have to waste plastic bags. It costs .99 cents to buy them and they look cute also. "Green Wise" makes them and they come in three colors. Anyway, I went to the weekly grocery shopping today and I was very happy and hopeful when I returned home. I saw many people using the reusable bags just like I do -- from older people to younger folks bagging their stuff into non-plastic bags. I was really amazed! Some might say "oh what a big deal, it's just plastic." But I think the climate crisis is serious than many believe and I think even a little thing can change the world and save the Earth. I used two of my bags to bag my stuff today. I would have used at least 5 plastic bags to bag them if I didn't use reusable bags (the Green Wise bag can hold tons of stuff!) If I go to grocery store twice a week and use 5 bags each time, sometimes more than that, it means I would use 10 plastic bags per week. Then if I multiply 10 by 4 week worth of bags equal 40 plastic bags per month. If I do that for a year, then I would have used 480 plastic bags!!!! It's kind of a scary thought!!! And what do we do with it? We usually use them to pick dog's poop or something along the line which of course would end up in the landfill to stay there forever. It's just not good.. There are so many different bags out there that you can use for shopping. I also have Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" and use Whole Foods bags when I shop there. They even give you .10 cents back when you use their bags instead of plastic bags. It makes me feel really happy when I don't use plastic bags. It always makes me feel like I accomplish something big! LOL.

I am doing this for not only myself, but for my two daughters and their generation because they will be the ones who will have to face the most difficult time dealing with the climate crisis. I always tell my oldest daughter who tends to enjoy washing her hands longer than she needs to: "our planet is melting! Earth is heating up!!!" And she says "oh, Mommy, that's not good" and she stops the water. It maybe a little thing, but if we do it together, I know we can make a difference. So, let's bag your grocery in reusable bags, recycle plastic bags if you use them (many store takes them back from you), unplug your power cord including your cell phone charger, shut down your pc instead of putting it to sleep and conserve water!!! I think we can do this!
What do you think? Do you have what it takes to save the planet?


Alev said...

I have what it takes to save the earth! Haha! It's so cool to know that you are sensative about the climate crisis, most people just shrug and say it's not a big deal, but it is. You are right, the slightest thing can help change things.

Maki said...

Great!! It's nice to know that you're sensitive about the climate crisis, too! Your generation will be the next leader to talk about this issue more seriously and carry on the legacy for those who believe to make a difference. BTW, I have a serious headache after drinking wine...:(

Alev said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right. Sorry about the headache. :/ Hope you are feeling better now.

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