Friday, August 8, 2008

Bare it or Cover it???

Okay, here is the thing. Me and my husband often times disagree with many issues which is of course, a normal thing between a husband and wife. But today, we were at it again, so I decided to share what we argued about.

This happened when I was putting on makeup in the morning. I was right in the middle of putting foundation on my face. My husband comes in and had a look at what I was doing and started to saying, "you really don't need to put that much makeup, you know.." And I said, "what do you mean, 'that much' makeup.. I don't put a lot of makeup, honey.. This is oil-free, light/sheer foundation." So of course he goes like this, "Oh, yes you do.. you put a lot of makeup and you don't need it. It's complement. Don't take me the wrong way. I think you should forget about spending 10-15 minutes to make your face because you look beautiful without it." So we were going back and forth, yada yada yada....

In my honest opinion, I do believe I need makeup. I look pretty with it, not without it. I don't really put a lot of makeup to begin with, just a tiny bit of foundation, sometimes even just tinted moisturizer. I dust some blush, eyeshadow and liner and lip gloss. It doesn't sound much, right? And so, I really don't understand why it bothers my husband so much. I asked him, "Don't you want your wife to look nice, not ugly??" and his reply would always be, "It's because you're insecure about yourself. You really don't need it."

I do hear many men saying that they don't like to see their gals wearing lots of makeup. But really, I think makeup makes women feel pretty, it has nothing to do with insecurity. What do you think? Do you bare it or cover it?


Alev said...

I've never been a make up person really, the thing I put on the most is just eyeliner (and even that's very rare) and nothing more. I think deciding whether to put make up on or not is all about how the person is feeling about their appearance, I'm happy with the way I look I guess.

Alev said...

Btw, sorry for double posting but I keep forgetting to ask.. Would you mind if I linked to your site on my blog? :)

lishlove said...

men don't understand make-up. i only started to wear makeup when i was 19 or so but that was only because i didn't know what to do with it before then. it's become a kind of routine before going out and it's just what we do. sometimes it is to make me feel better about myself (making the most of what i've got, i like to call it), other times it's because it's fun.

i think what men don't realise is that a lot of women wear makeup, so he may just want you to go look more natural too, but what he doesn't realise that a lot of the time, to look natural- that's makeup too! it's ironic but it's just the way it is.

but at the same time, he's right, he is essentially paying you a compliment but he's said it in a 'blaming' way that would provoke you and obviously make you feel defensive about it.

you could try a different day focusing on one feature of your face and leaving the rest makeup free, see how you feel about it just as much as how he would. as i said, it becomes a routine for us, so maybe we just don't see what they do afterall because we're so used to doing it.

good entry :)

Maki said...

alev: that's great that you don't have to put makeup on and as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, stay that way!!! And I would not mind about the link; actually I'm quite honored. Thank you!

lishlove: I started to wear makeup when I was around 19, too. I only would used lipstick until then. And you're right, maybe I'm too used to wearing it that I don't feel comfortable with my own skin anymore. Kind of sad, but I can't deny the fact that I love makeup (and buying them. LOL) Thanks again for your comment :)

Alev said...

Ok, I just linked to you. THANKS! :D

Maki said...

Aww Alev, thank you so much! I'll do the same :D

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