Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 6, 1945

This is the day I will never forget until the day I die and I will teach my daughters to carry on the legacy.

Today is the 63rd anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima... Well, it's August 5th here, but in Japan, it's already the 6th of August, so I always pray on the 5th.

My grandpa survived the A-bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima soil sixty three years ago. It was the first atomic bomb that was used on human population, the next one would be the last one, at least for now. Many people do not want to talk about it mainly because Japan was the offender during the WWII, causing tremendous pain and anguish to so many innocent civilians in China, Korea, South East Asia. And the U.S. was deffender for those people, fighting against Japanese forces.

I grew up listening to my grandfather's story, how horrible the war was and is still today... He passed away long time ago, but his message was this; War kills so many innocent people, women, children and eldery people. There is nothing you can justify it. Some say, bombings in Hiroshim and Nagasaki were the only way to stop the war and Japanese offense. We somehow learn how to shut my mouth when it comes to August 6 and August 9, 1945. We do talk about it among friends or family or in school, but we become somewhat hesitant because we feel this guilt of attacking Pearl Harbor or killing another innocent lives.

People of Hiroshima often say "we don't know why.. why the war had to happen.. if we didn't have the war, then our family and friends didn't have to die..." That's true, they're victims of war as well. I can go on forever talking about my belief, but I want to focus on the victims who died during WWII today. I pray for world peace, eternal peace we don't have to live in fear for nuclear war. Because of the sacrifices that innocent people made in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we know how horrible nuclear weapons are, that we need to fight to abolish them.

I will talk more about my grandfather later tonight... Thanks for reading.


Alev said...

The whole thing is just horrible to me... But I really don't know anything about WWII, so I prefer not to discuss about it. I'll get back to you on that after a minor research, haha. :D I'd like to hear more about your grandpa tho. :)

Maki said...

Yes, it's indeed horrible.. but then it's part of the history.. I know I have to post my grandpa's story which is amazing.. probably by the 15th...

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