Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Second Honeymoon????

Oh my goodness, "Hello!" everyone. It's been a little over week since the last post. How are you doing my love??? I have been VERY busy, seriously busy with many exciting stuff!!!! I really want to share my good news, but it will be another few weeks for me to be able to make it public. I know, I know, I don't mean to be cruel, but my new projects require some work and until they are completed, I can't show exactly what they are. But, I hope you like my new projects! Once they are completed, I must say I'm stepping towards to a new life; a new goal. I'm so excited about this.

Anyway, here is another exciting news, or should I say, bittersweet news. We found out last week that JT's mom is going to take our daughters Ju Ju & Soap to NJ with her for 10 days!!! 10 days!!! They are going to visit bunch of family members who will be renting a beach house on the shore. My girls will get to see and play with their cousins which will be good for them.

JT and I were kind of shocked and didn't know what to do at first because.... We have never been apart from our daughters for more than one day. Yes, for the past five years, we've never been apart - we're all glued to our hips. So, when my mom-in-law broke the news, my mouth was opened for about a minute, couldn't even say a word. JT's stepdad couldn't stop laughing because he told me I looked like I was ready to cry. Ahem.. yeah, it's very hard for me. I don't know what to do when the girls are gone. 10 days. JT's stepdad said, it will definitely be a great experience for the girls to be away from their daddy and mommy, and it will be good for me and JT.

If I think about it, JT and I really haven't been alone, just two of us. Of course, we've gone to dinner and movie dates here and there, but I was already pregnant when JT and I got married, so we really didn't get to enjoy our honeymoon. I have been asking JT what he wants to do and he doesn't even know how to answer to that question. Oh silly man...

So, here is the question: Do you have any suggestion what we should do while the girls are gone?
I definitely want to enjoy alone time and play some sports with him or go to dinner without worry about going home early for the girls. I also can't wait to spend "ME" time without worryin about makind dinner for my girls... But still, I'm going to miss Ju Ju & Soapy. I am afraid that they are not goint to miss their mama... I guess this is something we as parents have to go through, watching the kids grow up.

Anyway, I am looking forward to your suggestions because Maki and JT are still in shock and don't know how to plan our second honeymoon. We need your help!!!

Oh by the way, I was driving on freeway last week and saw this guy on the motorcycle, texting while riding! It was dangerous! Really dangerous! I'd never seen anything like it. I wonder what was so important texting and riding motorcycle on full speed (it was probably like 75 - 80 mph) - it looked like he's done it before, like a piece of cake kinda attitude, but I looked to the right and my eyes opened so wide. Please don't drive and text. If you need to text, make sure wait for a red light or park your car. I must admit, I have done it before, but it's not good. I will be careful.

Okay, so my dear friends, stay tuned on my breaking news in a few weeks. I'm getting so excited!!!

Thanks so much everybody for your opinion on camera. Canon is most popular, hands down. I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards Panasonic Lumix. I will let you know when I get a new one!

Another P.S. - I'm going to start writing post in my other private blog again - if you haven't received invitations and want to read about my real personal life, then send me your email. I will send you the invite! Thanks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey, What Is Your Favortie Digital Camera? Plus the worst film I ever saw

I've been shopping around for a new digital camera. My Olympus is getting old and I need to replace it for a better looking one. I've owned PowerShot, CyberShot and Olympus' water registance digital camera.

So, question for you today is, what kind of digital camera are you using, my dearly? Canon, SONY, Nikon or Olympus? I really like Ashton's COOLPIX Touch from Nikon, but it only has 10 mega mix. Then, my cousin just bought a SONY CyberShot Touch. The color was shocking pink and it was really cute! But I found SONY camera has very harsh flush lighting. Canon has great cameras, but not touch screen. I'm just sucker when it comes to gadgets. I can't choose. So I need your help!!! Share you thoughts on your digital camera. What should I get?

Oh by the way, I jsut saw one of the worst films of my life last night.

"Surveillance" it is.

JT had been wanting to see this movie on Demand for the past month or so, because the preview did look interesting. So, we decided to see it (or should I say JT decided). And my verdict - It SUCKED!!! We paid $7 and I want my money back.

There were some parts that were suspenseful and I must admit I got really scared, but plot line was terrible. TERRIBLE.

I think I am getting old, so I don't want to see anything that could cause damage to my heart (like brutal murder scenes and blood ) - and this movie was all about that.

The whole movie didn't make any sense. I hated it. So, if you ever wanted to see this film, don't do it. Wait until it comes on HBO or something for free. This film is not worth a penny. However, this film got 60% (Fresh!) on Rotten Tomatoes which I don't know why... The only thing I learned from this movie is that there are many crazy people out there, so lock your house door and have something close to your bed to protect yourself, just in case. (JT has a bat hidden under the bed.)

On the other hand, JT and I have been watching Jamie Fox's "THE KINGDOM" over and over again for the past few weeks since we saw it for the first time. It is ficitional of course, but I really love this film.

Especially, the actor named Ashraf Barhom who plays Saudi's police/national guard who helps FBI to catch the bad guys was excellent. His acting was better than Jamie Fox. He was truly awesome and he made the film 100 times better.

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

Also Jennifer Garner was good in it, too. The FBI agent she played was strong - I like strong woman in movies. And Jason Bateman was funny as always. The style of this movie was very casual. Subject is serious, but the movie follows characters like it's following their normal life. It didn't make me feel like watching a Hollywood movie. So, if you don't mind some actions and a little bit of thriller, then watch "The Kingdom" And DO NOT pay to watch "Surveillance" - you'll regret it if you do!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gratuity Is So Complicated!!!!

Working at a salon teaches me many things that I've never thought about. One thing is tipping. Coming from a country where tipping is not part of the culture, there are times when I get confused. But when it comes to tipping at a salon, unless he or she did a horrible job, I think you should at least give 15% gratuity because they do work for you.

Today, we had a regular client E whom I thought had always tipped my boss B. He is the owner of the salon. When she had checked out, she smiled and said, "Well, B (my boss) just told me he's no longer the owner of the salon, so I guess I have to tip him.." I thought she was joking, but when I asked my other receptionist, she said the client E had never given B gratuity... I thought that was strange or she's being cheap. But I know she isn't the only one who don't give tip to my boss..

So, when I went to my in-law's house for dinner, I told them what happened at the salon and asked them if that's true. My mom-in-law comes to my salon and sees my boss and she always gives him tip. But she told me what client E said was actually true, that in normal circumstances, the owner of any type of business is not expected to get tip. I didn't know that!! Did you know that?

I'm so confused.....

Do you ever have tough time when to tip and when not to tip or how much you should tip; say at a Starbucks or takeout order or.... swimming instructor? Please enlighten this confused Maki here...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends Forever...

I talked to one of my BFFs A, back in Hawaii yesterday. Her twin sister who is also my BFF is getting married in September, so we're talking about her wedding and bachelorette party. We hadn't talked to each other in a while, but it didn't seem like it. I think that's what a true friendship really means.

I can say that I don't have many friends. I know a lot of people, but the people I call friends are very limited. I could probably count them with my 10 fingers.

When I talked to A1, we talked about how her sister A2's wedding is going to be our reunion party for all of us who partied hard back in the days. We're all in our mid 30's, not mid 20's in 1999 - 2000. People did party and party hard back then because "OMG, It's Millenium! The world is coming to an end!" - remember???

A1 and A2 were there for me when I went through painful breakups or happy relationships. They were there for me on my wedding day as bridesmaids and stood and supported me when JT and I exchanged the wedding vows.

One of the defining moment of our friendship was one night when we went out with our boyfriends, A1 noticed that I wasn't drinking. She asked me why I was drinking just juice. I said, I just didn't feel like it. She knew that I was lying because there were never times Maki just had juice when we're out partying at bars and clubs. She asked me again if there's anything I want to talk about. So, I brought her to a lady's room and told her that I think I could be pregnant. She screamed for joy, summond the sis A2 and she told me we're getting a pregnancy test kit. We left our significant others at the bar, hopped in A2's car, went to 7 eleven, they bought me the kit and we all went to their house and I took the test. The test came back as positive, the little proof of Ju Ju's presence in my tummy. I told them to keep it secret until I told JT and they did... They are my true friends. And I know we will be friends forever with wrinkles on our faces annd gray hair and all.

When I listend to this song by Cobra Starship "Good Girls Go Bad", I think of my fun times with my friends back in Hawaii. We danced all night long..

Here's to you A1 & A2!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Couldn't Help But....

I am sorry, but I had to post this. Chritian Bale. I know I talk about him way too much of recent. But I can't help it. He is just SOOOOOOOO perfect in my book. These photos come from GQ photo shoot - I bought two June issue of GQ just because he was on the cover. Forgive me, JT..

This face..

This was the cover photo for GQ.

Even when he's not doing anything, he looks sexy. Not fair...

His smile is SOOOOOO cute!


Yeah! I want him to shoot me - aim at my heart.. LOL

Tom cruise Pictures, Images and Photos
And then, I have to wish my first Hollywood love a belated Happy Birthday.
Tom turned "47" past Monday. 47!!! He doesn't look it at all.
Happy Birthday, Tom. I love you!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


My Ju Ju wants to be a ballerina and a firefighter (what a combination. LOL.) when she grows up and build a home for dogs and cats that have no home. Soapy wants to be a firefighter. All the dreams that my kids have, I know they can make them come true. America is the land of opportunity and I'm thankful for today, that my children have freedom to pursue their dream....

I hope all of you're having a safe and fun day...

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!


P.S. My kids' fascination for firefighters comes from the day my husband got sick a while back - firefighters came to our house first before the EMT guys. They are my kids heroes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JT At the Airport

There are many stories to share from the vacation in New Jersey. Today, I want to talk about an incident at the airport on the way to NJ.

JT was telling me from the night before our trip that we needed to pack light. If we need something, we can always get it in NJ. And it's true, I always regret packing too many stuff because our luggages get too heavy even before getting to destination and moreover, we ususally end up not using half of the stuff in the suitcase. I tend to buy many things while one vacation, so let's be smart and bring only the necessity. And I really enjoyed packing only the things we need - I realized less is better...

Anyways, when we were about to leave, JT came out from the storage and said, "I'm going to bring this putter," and he held in his hand. "You are not bring the golf bag?" I asked. He said, "No, I have my other sets at dad's." The putter is a gift from my dad and JT cherishes it ever since.

Now, we got to the airport and we were checking in at Continental desk. They charge $15 for first luggage and $25 for the second. Gosh, it was free until last year... Anyway, as we're checking in our luggage and kids' car seats, there were three agents saw that JT had the putter in his hand. But they didn't say anything when we walked away from the counter to heading to the gate.

At Tampa International, we need to use monorail to get to terminal/gate. When we showed the tickets to the security, the lady said, "Sir, I don't think you can bring your golf club..." Now to our drama that lasted 40 minutes begins...

JT: "What?"
Lady: "It is a prohibited item. They wouldn't let you bring it in.."
JT: "But, the ticketing agents saw me holding this putter the whole time I was downstairs."
Lady: "Well.."
JT: "I thought I could bring it because they didn't say anything. Can I at least try to see if I can go through the security?"
Lady: "Prohibited item is prohibited, but you can try. I think you will have to turn around and back though.."
JT: "Okay, that's fine. Thanks."

Now, JT and I were getting annoyed. We both knew that those agents saw him holding the club. They didn't even ask us whether we're checking in the putter. I mean, come on, what did they think it was that JT was holding? A crutch?

After the monorail, we were at the security check point. First guy who saw us with the girls directed us to where no one was waiting in line - it's good to have little ones. LOL. As we tried to put the stuff on the belt, the guy security officer said.... "Excuse me, you can't bring that in though. They won't let you bring it in on the plane."

Here we go again. Sometimes, my husband amazes me...

JT (in a very calm manner) : "Well, none of the ticketing agents told me I can't bring this on the plane. They saw me carrying it the whole time I was checking in. Why didn't they say anything to me?"

guy: "I don't know. But I don't think they will let you bring it on the plane."

JT: "I don't need to bring this on the plane with me. Do you think I can leave it by the gate enterance with my kid's stroller? They can take it with the stroller to the cargo and bring it back when we land in NJ.."

guy: "I don't know.. I don't think you can, but let me ask.." (security asks his superior officer..)

Boss Security: "Sir, I'm sorry, but you can't bring that. It's a prohibited item."

JT: "I understand now that my PUTTER is a prohibited item. But why on Earth no one at the ticket counter told me I couldn't bring this? It's really frustrating. "

Now Maki felt that she needed to back her husband up although there is no winning in sight.

Maki: "Seriously, they all saw him carrying this putter. It's their job to make sure that he to check in the patter. It's not right that they just let him go without saying anything and knowing he's going to get in to trouble. It's a little embarrasing too." (my face was turning red!)

Boss Security: "I don't know what else to say. I can escort you back to the ticket counter...."

JT" "Okay, let's go. (he turns to me) Now, you go with the girls and wait for me at Starbucks."

After 30 minutes waiting for JT at the Starbucks, he finally showed up with frustration. He said the same agents were there when he went back. When JT complained why none of them had asked nor told him to check in the putter, they said they didn't see he had it. Bull Shit!!!! Can you believe it? We only use Continental and we love flying with them. But, I was very upset with their "Oh, we didn't see it" comment. Some people were just lazy. Plain lazy. However, they only charge JT for the box to put the putter in because of the misunderstanding, they said.

It was very frstrating, but at the same time it was kind of funny to see my husband trying from every different angle to see if he can bend the rule. I knew and he knew it wouldn't be possible, but I thought for a minute, maybe he could make those security guys say "yes.." He has that charm. LOL. I am sure he would haved tossed that putter if it hadn't been from my dad's.

So, do you have any bad experience at the airport? Have you seen any annoying passenger like JT who wouldn't take "No" for answer?
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