Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rhythmic African Poetry

I was watching "Third Watch" a while back when the series were on NBC, and the charactors in the show were talking about rap music. One of the officer who is an African American said, "Rhythmic African Poetry - R.A.P" I was like "Wow!!!" I'd never thought we could interpret the word "RAP" like that.

I love all kinds of music. I appreciate the art of music itself including RAP music. Yes, some of the hardcore, gangsta rap troubles me, but many rap songs give me a good groove on...

Some songs have very strong messages. Many people think rap music promotes violence which I agree in some extent. But the music also makes you think about the problems that many young black people are facing today; poverty, violence and drugs.

It's sad because so many black people in the old days fought for their freedom, so that their new generation would have a better life. It seems though, now, they are fighting each other. Gang members killing other gang members. I know the real issue is deeper than me talking about it here on a blog, but really, if anything, the generations of Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luther King are the ones who should have animosity towards the society.

Many young black people struggle everyday to overcome the stereotype of black society. It is true, violence does exists, gangs do exist and overwhelming poverty does exsit among black society, but also there are many new black leaders who try to change that. Because they believe enough is enough.

So question is this; are we really fighting the racism in this country?


Alev said...

Rhythmic African Poetry, hahaha, I never thought of RAP as initials of sth. An interesting way to put it.. I don't like it at all though, I'm a rocker girl. :D

Maki said...

Yeah, I was surprised when I heard it too. I think it makes sounds more artsy.. Some rap are good, but not all of them, actually I don't like most of them...

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