Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thanks for the exciting 14days!!!

Well, it's over again. I love Olympics and I always enjoy watching both Summer and Winter Games. Bejing Olympics had so many people talking, I thought maybe it's going to fail, but I think it's fair to say now that it was the most successful game in Olympic history. I'm sad it's all over (my husband loves the game, but very happy that it's over:)

I truly admire all the athletes' determination whether winning medals or even just to make it to the team. Their countless hours of training and becoming the Olympian is unbelieveable commitment; the endurance, the determination are beyond my imagination. There were times I had always dreamt of becoming an Olympian when I was a teenager. I was a short track runner for 100m and 4x100m relay in junior high school. I was of course, not even close to be an Olympian, but looking at those Olympic athletes compete always bring back old memories of my youth that was so pure and full of hope.

You learn so many stories about athletes during the Game. Most of the times, I end up crying because they're so touching. I would hope that London 2012 (gosh, I'm going to be 38...) will be an extaordinary event as Beijin Olympic!!!


Alev said...

Wow, are the Olympics over already? I wasn't really keeping track of it, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Maki said...

Yes, Alev, it's done and now I have to wait another 4 years for London. I did enjoy it very much and I hope you did too..a little bit?

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