Monday, August 4, 2008

When Sex is Only Sex

Things get complicated when you fall in love with someone who is not capable of being in love. My best friend, Miss. K is going through tough time with exact that - being in love with my brother-in-law who just can't commit. I'm always in between of two people that I love and care. She calls me and cry how much she loves him, but she doesn't know what to do with him anymore. Then the next day on Sunday evening (we gather every Sunday for dinner at my in-law's house), I have to listen to him nagging about how serious things are becoming and he doesn't know what to do.

I always tell him if he doesn't want her as his girlfriend, then let her go, even it will hurt her now, it will save her in the end. He tells me he always tells her that it's just sex and he thinks that's what she wants too. Wrong!!! She tells him so because she's afraid of losing him. She always tells him how she feels, but he tells her he just can't commit. But once she decides to leave the relationship, he starts to freak out and wants her in his life, asking me bunch of questions about her.

So, I want to tell you Mr. D, don't confuse her, don't confuse me and don't play with her heart. Actually I can say this all the guys out there who think they can walk on gals hearts whatever they want. Effing wrong!!!!



Hi dear something not but the same situation i have facing today.....i have loved a girl from my school days ,then because of my fathers duty is transferable so we have change the location for last 10 years ,now i have heard that she has done commerce graduation and i have done Mechanical engg., she doesnt have the profession as i have wish from my partener in my life so i have great confusion ...tell me what i have to do.

Alev said...

Damn, that's a real tough situation, Maki. It's so strange that neither of them can understand what the other one wants. Sounds like your friend is a commitment girl, I don't understand why she still insists on being with him, it is pretty obvious that the guy is only using her. Guess it's really obvious that they are pleased with the situation, since neither of them do anything serious about it, but it's so unfair that they come to you to complain about it. You should advise them to be honest with themselves, they are only fooling themselves in this 'relationship' if you ask me.

Maki said...

Hello gurunath shinde! Well, I really don't know what to tell you; do you want to be with her, but you don't know if you should because she doesn't have the career you wish her to have? I may need to learn your culture first before I can comment on what you have to do. But I always believe that Love is everything, but then not everything. Sound confusing, but it's true. Because for some people Faith based on their religion or culture play bigger part than love. Good luck and thank you so much for stopping by!!! Hope you'll come back again:) M~

Maki said...

Hey alev! Yeah, it's tough situation and I'm getting really frustrated. They sometimes stop talking to each other for several month at a time, but then something always happens and they be back on track. Oh well, I guess I will keep you posted on this one. Thanks so much for alaways reading my blog. xoxo, M~

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