Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beer Pong Party!!!!

My bro in law, Mr. D called me last week informing that he's throwing a beer pong party... Ok, I must admit I had never played beer pong. He said bring me and his bro = my hubby to his house on Saturday (8/23). Usually, my hubby wouldn't say "yes", but I guess something happened to him, he said "yes"!!!

So, make a long story short, we had a blast!!!! We really had great time. All of our friends were there, drinking and getting drunk even before the game started. Funny thing was that the keg that they had bought for the game was almost gone before game started which was so typical. Don't we all love beers???

The game was so simple, just put the ping pong in the beer cup and other team has to drink it down. Fun, fun, fun!! We played the game, but towards the end though, most of us didn't even care who wins the game. We all wanted to go out and party!!!!! So we did go out to a bar and socialize. What a great feeling!

My husband and I used to go out every weekend when we used to live in Hawaii, but because of my husband condition for the past four years (detail for later day), we barely go out now. It was so nice to see my husband smiling and joking around with friends. I think he needs that sometimes. I am so thankful to our bro, Mr. D for thinking of us.


Alev said...

Hey, I'm so happy for you that you guys had fun this Saturday, good for you! :D And about your husband, I don't know what his condition is, but I hope he gets better soon. :)

Maki said...

I have been trying to write about my husband, but somehow I keep losing the timing. I will though soon so that people know who he is or about our marriage - stay tuned! :D

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