Monday, August 4, 2008

Shopping wisely

*** All the non-platic bags that I own for grocery shopping including Anya Hindermarch's "I'm Not Plastic Bag" (no fake!)

***Kitchen paper & napkins

***Can you see the writing "100% recycled paper"?

I have posted my old blog from myspace about not using plastic bags when I go for grocery shopping the other day. I took some pics of all the bags I use when I go to grocery shopping today. Three green wise bags from Publix, one Whole Food's bag and Anya Hindermarch's famous handbag that I stood in line last year at Whole Food's in the rain in NJ.

Another pics are paper products that I just started using in the house; they are made of 100% recycled paper. Yes, there's no fancy color print such as flowers or character, etc. But I just wanted to see how durable they are because if I claim to be/go as green as possible, then I should use recycled paper. As long as they do their job which clean the mess on kitchen counter or dining table or clean our mouth after eating, then why complain? Being green is sometimes not easy or fansy, but necessary step to save this planet.


Alev said...

That is just so cool! You should be so proud of yourself about this, because believe me, it DOES make a difference. :)

Maki said...

Thanks alev! Yes, I'm trying my best hoping to make a difference although sometimes it's tough! :)

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