Friday, July 30, 2010

Have A Lovely Weekend!!!! {and Welcome to My Bedroom}

I have never showed my bedroom before. We've lost many stuff due to the water damage that happened three months ago. But I'm finally getting my condo back to the way it was. It's taken me forever, but I think it's starting to look nice again....

So, this is my bedroom. I like my bed to be always white and I still need to buy a quilt, but oh well, it can wait a bit while.. JT and I love the King size bed, so when we lived in Hawaii and in NJ, we bought two king beds. When we moved back to FL, we decided that we use a Queen until we buy a big house. JT is in NJ working for the most of this year and next year, so it's the perfect size for me right now... Moreover, being able to sleep in your own bed is simply priceless!!!

My side table still needs some work, but I can't sleep without my favorite hearts including the three heart shaped ring holders.... The lamp is from Crate & Barrel and it's my favorite thing in my house...

This is the painting I'm currently working on. My best friend J asked me to paint something for her new place. She loves New Yor, so I decided to paint NY skyline. I can't wait to finish this painting and give it to her. I hope she likes it...
As I slowly re-decorate my condo, I will post pictures of my living/dining room and kitchen as well as my girls room.
Have a lovely weekend everybody!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Midnight Magic ~ Daddy comes home ~

My husband is flying back home tonight from NJ and will be landing at midnight here in FL. Our daughters Ju Ju and Soapy think that they will pick their daddy up at the airport tomorrow morning (Thursday), and they have no idea that he's planning to crawl into their beds...

The girls are bathed, watching TV right now. We ususally Skype with Daddy every night, but he told them he is busy with work, so he'll see them tomorrow. The girls are so excited and ready to go to bed because you know, they just can't wait the morning to come.

My mother in law is coming over to watch the girls, so I can drive to pick JT up while the girls sleep. Wait until Daddy comes home and "Twinkle" - The girls will be so surprised in the morning. It's like magic! I can't wait to see their face, how big their eyes get. :)

So have sweet dreams my babies, let the magical day begin!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Mark Ruffalo...

I have been a bit feeling sick today, so I decided to stay home with my girls and not to go to work. My work hours are down to two days a week now, and I must admit it's been great for my girls and myself, especially during summer because I get to spend time with them, and I also have plenty time to paint.

Many of you already know that I'm in love with Christian Bale. I also have tremendous love for Tom. And there are others that I drool on a daily basis. One of the Hollywood guys whom I have a soft spot is Mark Ruffalo. I don't know, I really like when he plays an ordinary guy - I really liked him in "13 going on 30" or "Rumor Has It" - or when he played totally a different role as a narc officer in "Collateral" with Tom Cruise. He can be a bit dork at times, but his dorkiness totally melts my heart.

I'm ecstatic to see the new movie "The Kids Are All Right" - I only hear great things about it. It's about a gay couple (Annette Benning & Julian Moore) raising two teenage kids and the kids finding the sperm donor = their biological father played by Mark Ruffalo, and they become close as a family. There is a twist in the movie and I'm really looking forward to seeing this film.

The Kids Are All Right Pictures, Images and Photos
The kids are all right 03 Pictures, Images and Photos

Also, he will be playing Hulk for The Incredible Hulk 3 as the replacement for Ed Norton. Well, all the Hulk guys have been played by the actors that I LoVe - Eric Bana and Ed Norton, and now by Mark. Yay! My husband JT loves The Incredible Hulk, so I have been able to see them in the big screen. But, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk? I didn't see this coming!! This should be interesting!
So have you seen any good movies lately???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

She Know Which Button To Push

I don't know where I got her from, but my youngest daughter Soapy is a tough cookie and pistol. Every kid has their own mind, but this one, she's funny and says the darnest things all the time. And lately, she loves to test you - she simply enjoys to watch your reaction after you say, "No" and she does it. Oh such an evil girl... LOL..

She knows exactly what you approve and don't approve - and she does it anyway, just to see what happens if she doesn't follow the rules. Everyone inluces my family and friends tell me that "Oh, you better watch her out in ten years - she's going to give you a tough time. Daddy's worst nightmare. LOL." - and I'm starting to believe it. Oh boy, help....

Please don't get me wrong, she's a very good girl. She loves to cook, she loves to help me clean the house - she is my little baby still. But, she just knows how to push people's button - she loves to turn her face away when her grandpa or daddy ask for a kiss - and smile because she loves to see their reaction.

I was loading folded boxes on the car to throw it away at the garbage dump - Soapy asked me to give her the car key. She said, "I want to open the door.." So, I gave her the key and she looked at it as I told her which button to push - she was looking at the middle button which is to open the trunk where the box was resting. I told her, "Soapy, you know which one you need to push, right? Don't push that one (as in the middle one because her finger was aiming for the button for the trunk) because.." - As I almost finish the sentense, she pushed it; the one to open the trunk. Thank goodness the weight of the box didn't allow the trunk to fully open, but if it did, all of the boxes would have been on the ground. "Oops," she said and gave me back the key.
I looked at her and said, "Soapy!" She gave me the evil cute look and open the door and sat on her seat.... Oh my dear angel, I said to her, "Soapy, you're in big trouble when Daddy comes home next week..."

Look at her - I think she did something she wasn't supposed to do..

But then, I adore her and love her to pices. She is just so cute and yes, totally eatable...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Customer Service Nightmare

I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend! I'm finally back online after going through some *bs* with my ex-cable company. And this is what happened:

When we had the water damage several months ago and evacuated to my in-law's house, my mother in law had suggested that maybe I should call my cable company and asked to have my cable service suspended while I'd be out of the condo. I wouldn't be using the cable nor internet, so that made more sense, so I did. Florida has lots of Snow Birds, so the cable company I used offered the seasonal suspension. The rep told me to call them whenever I was ready to move back in and they would restore the service with no problem.

So, past Monday morning I called the cable company and let them know that I moved back in and wanted my service back on. The rep said no problem and the technician could come to my place the next day. I was really ecstatic until she said, "One thing though, we need to get $236 to restore the service plus the installation." - WHAT????? I asked again, "Ahem, excuse me... What did you say?"

The rep explained to me that I needed to pay the bill for a month in advance and the service restoration fee. My bill was supposed to be only $136 plus tax., even I had to pay restoration fee, it still didn't add up. "But, still, I want to know why is it so expensive, my bill is only $126?," I asked. "Well, since you suspended your service, the promotion you had when you signed up with us is no longer available for you. Therefore you need to pay $206 a month from now on," - WHAT A Hell?? Seriously, WTF????

I explained to her that I had to move into my in law's house due to water damage, and I called and spoke with several reps, and that they had never mentioned anything about losing my promotion nor having to pay more money to restore the service. The rep said there's nothing she can do. Meanwhile, my heart was beating fast with anger and confusion, so I told her I'd call her back.

My thinking is that, maybe I got a lazy rep who didn't want to go through all the trouble to give me the promotion back. So I called the cable company back. Again, another rep told me the same thing, well, she mentioned she'd talked to the supervisor and she wouldn't be able to help me with my promotion being taken away. I ended the call saying I'd call back and I called back again, and the response was the same thing. I talked to my clients at work and they all told me it's ridiculous that I had to pay that much money to restore the service when I was never informed by the reps from previous that this was going to happen if I suspend or disconnect my service.

I was almost in tears because not having able to watch TV or use internet would suck, but I didn't want to pay over $200 every month when it wasn't my fault. That's when I realized about another option - switch the cable company! I knew I didn't have any contract with the cable company, so if I wanted to stop using the company, I could! I said to the rep, "If this is what you call a customer service, then I don't want your service anymore." and hung up. I'm not ususally a complainer. I'm a happy person who always tries to strike a conversation. But I was not happy at all - I felt like I was totally mistreated. Was it because of my accent? I don't know, but I felt like they didn't try to solve the problems. I had gone through a lot after the water damage and I'm still dealing with issues for not getting any checks from the insurance company. There's no way I was going to deal with another *bs* and I felt good about it.

So here I come Verizon Fio - again. We used to use Fio until past February and I switched to the other company because they offered more affordable service. Anyway, I called Verizon and the rep was so kind and told me he'd try to give me the best possible rate and he did! He asked me what I really wanted in the cable and I told him I definitely wanted HBO which I couldn't have with my ex-cable company because their movie package didn't include that. So he gave me HBO and Cinemax for free for 24 months with no contract and free installation! Yes, free for 24 months and free installation! Woo Hooo! Also, the whole bill is a lot cheaper with all the channel that I get compare to the old ones. They offer me more HD channels and movie channels.

The only downside was that I had to wait five days for the Verizon tech guy to come to my house and hook it up. But it was so worth it. Just hearing the sound of music from the Weather Channel (for local area info) or being able to go online and visit your blog make me feel like I'm finally, truly home. I'm really impressed with my daughters for not complaining one bit that they couldn't watch TV. They have enough toys and art stuff to keep them busy and also we were able to watch DVD. I'm truly grateful for my girls for helping me out while I cleaned the house and get ourselves situated - they are very patient little things indeed!

I'm so sorry for not having able to visit your blog - I'm so excited to be back home and have my own space and blog and visit:)

So, do you have any horrible experiences with customer service???

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Mommy You're Married!"

My daughters and I are finally back to our sweet home. The place is still a mess since we have to bring everything back from my mom-in-law's house. But it feels really great be able to sleep in my own bed!!

Anyway, my girls and I were at Publix buying grocery to restock our empty refrigerator. As I walked by the magazine section, I spotted Tom Cruise and screamed for joy. "What is wrong Mama???" asked Ju Ju who was surprised and looked worried. I walked towards the magazine rack, reach my arms and grabbed a magazine..... I pretty much gazed into Tom's smiley face on the cover of Esquire and said, "well, I love him... I love him.." There was this woman standing right next to me was giving me the weird look, but that's okay. That's when I heard my daughter saying, "No, Mommy. You're married! You can't love anyone, but Daddy!!!" - and she was serious. "Aw I can read at least!" - I pleaded. It was more like begging. As soon as I said that, the lady next to me started cracking up! She looked at me and said, "Oh boy, that was good!"

I explained to her how much I love Tom and I've loved him since I was in 4th grade, living in Japan. No matter what happens, he always has a place in my heart. The lady said, "We're all entitled, there is nothing wrong with it. I'm the same way with Johnny Depp!"

On the way to home in the car, "So, who is he? Who is the guy you love?" - Ju Ju asked. I told her he's an actor that I am a big fan of... Ju Ju said, "Oh, actor? Okay, then it's okay mommy, you can like him.."

Thank god, I have a permission from my daughter to profess my love for Tom. But don't you think he looks great in the magazine???

I think I love Tom because he brings me back all the great memories of my childhood; how innocent and how I dreamed of coming the America..
He's the symbol of my American Dream...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Survived the 2 Months & 2 Weeks of Boot Camp!!!

Many of you know that I've been displaced from my own house for the past two months (+) due to the water damage caused by some ignorant AC company. But finally, I will be moving back to our own place with the girls this weekend!!! Wooo Hoooo!

I must tell you, it has been a loooooooong, stressful and hard two months. I mean, can you stay at your mother in law or friend's house for more than a week? Especially, not having your husband while you stay there at his mom's because he's workin in NJ - It's not easy. It's not your house you're staying - you can't get naked and walk around the house, or sing in the shower out loud.

But, I think I'm really fortunate to have a mother-in-law who's willing to take care of me and Ju Ju and Soapy for more than two months. And my father-in-law (JT's stepdad) - he's been really kind, too. He makes coffee for me and mom every morning. Mom makes dinner for us every night - I help her by setting the table and clean the kitchen after the dinner. I have my own room and the girls has their which makes things a lot easier too.

Of course, there were times I said to myself, "I don't care how horrible the condo looks, I just want to get out and move back..." - I'm 36, years old and yet, my MIL somestimes made me feel like I'm 16. She wanted to teach me all the things I already know (they're called common sense, everybody!) - but I always said, "Yes, Mom" - "Thank you, Mom" - "I love you Mom" because that's called "respect". I've never once talked back to her - no matter how many times I wanted to, I bit my tongue because she has indeed taken care of us with love and kindness. She surprised me by getting me two dresses on different occasions, too.

Tonight, she's going to take me to her gorup's Bunko party - this will be my second time as a substitute. I had never played that game until last month, and surrounded by an group of older ladies kind of gave me a different perspective in life. LOL. And I know being with my MIL has made me a better homemaker - she knows how to make a messy house into a Cinderella's castle. I learned so much from her indeed.

With that said, I am SOOOOO happy and excited to sleep in my own bed and my own place again!!! Let's have a party - you're all invited, my love!!!

So, do you get along with your mother in law?????????????????????

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake vs. Vienna

{Jake & Vienna image via ABC}

Well, who would have guessed that they would be breaking up? LOL. We all knew, didn't we? I watched the interview between Jake and Vienna last night on ABC, and I must say, this time, I'm with Vienna.

Yes, I didn't like her when she was on the Bachelor and I didn't understand why Jake had picked her to be his wife, but I know now, Jake was fake. I don't like him at all now. I feel like all the "good boy" image he portrayed in front of the camera was all for the show. He just wanted to be famous. I can't believe I rooted for him before. He kind of rubbed me in the wrong way when he appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" - I felt like he only wanted the attention and fame.

What I learned from watching the interview last night was that Jake has a controling issue. He has to be the one who calls the shot, he has to be the one who is always right and he hates when a girl questions him. It's pretty funny to see how he acts. Vienna was a bit of drama queen also, but I felt she was genuine this time, and she's very upset and heartbroken. I didn't think she was faking just for the show. I believe Vienna this time... Sorry Jake, but there are many girls who are dissapointed in you.

So long, Jake, so long Vienna. I will not miss you...

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