Friday, August 1, 2008


Are you psyched? I know I am. Batman: the Dark Knight! WOO! Anyways, this meme goes for
all on-screen versions of Batman including those terrific cartoon versions you used to watch after school on the (now-defunct) WB.

My Answer: I must say Michael Keaton.. Somehow I loved the way he carried himself out through the movie... Although I love George Clooney, I wasn't too thrilled by the film, Val Kilmer was okay, not too bad.. Then Christian Bale came along!!!!!! Oh boy, he's so great at it.. So, the ranking goes like this :

1. Michael Keaton
2. Christian Bale (he may take the 1st place after the Dark Knight)
3. Val Kilmer
4. Geroge Clooney


Alev said...

I say Christian Bale! :D He is a pretty good actor. But I think the credit should go to Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, his performance was amazing. May he rest in peace.

Maki said...

Yes, Christian Bale is pretty solid and he's gorgeous! Heath Ledger's death was one of the most shocking passings in my book. River Phoenix's was shocking, but Heath's death was a real shock and so sad.... I'd have loved to see him acting more...

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