Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So long...

Paul Newman

Jan 26, 1968 - Sep 26, 2008

Some days have passed already since his death, but I just wanted to say that we have lost another legend, a true movie star..

I love movie stars; the ones who take your breath away with the presence itself.

He was my mom's idol. She made me watch all of his films, but I remember it was not torture..

I will surely miss him..


RiverMist said...

it would be nice to know the name of this gentleman.
sorry i don't think I know who he is?
you have gotten an sudden increase of comments in you last posts.
Maki were are doing it!
OUR BLOGS are growing!!!!!
yay FOR us!
*open beer*

Maki said...

Franco: His name is Paul Newman. Do you recall his name? I think I should add his name on there.

Yes, I know! I'm so ecstatic our blogs are growing! You're one of the first people who left me comments and I thank you for it! We have to keep supporting each other! I'm grateful for all the readers who kind enough to read and leave me comments. :D

Alev said...

Wow, I had no idea he passed away.. May he rest in peace.

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