Thursday, September 18, 2008

URGENT MY FRIENDS!!!! Subject: Show And Tell with Letter "I"

My oldest daughter Ju-Ju has to come up with an item that starts with letter "I" to bring to school for show and tell tomorrow. Now it's 9:34pm and we're totally stuck!!
I thought finding stuff that starts with letter "I" is piece a cake, but I totally underestimated the challenge.

Okay, "ice" or "igloo" are totally out of the picture. We thought maybe "indian?", but we don't have any indian figure in the house. Damn, it's really, really difficult this week.

Uh... emm.. can you please help us????


i.d. said...

Oooh, that's a tough one. How about "icing"?

Let us know what you come up with! :)

merc3069 said...

Any IVY or IRISES around (or pictures of them?)

RiverMist said...

how about instrument,
image, indian, ink, iron, insect,
Map of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois,iguana


Dorkys R. said...
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Maki said...

i.d: Hello!! I think you may have solved our problem:D We do have icing in a tube. Ha!! I'll let you know what we decide, but great suggestion, really! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

merc3069: Beautiful ideas!!! But we don't have them in the house nor of the pictures :( Thanks for the ideas:D

rivermist: I thought about indian and ink. And actually Ju-Ju found a toy iguana... So she might bring icing and iguana.. Map of Iowa sounds kinda cool - Thanks :D

Dorkys R. said...

How about she takes an incomplete on this one?

Maki said...

dorkys r: LOL!!! Great idea! Yeah, "Incomplete" we give up!! LOL. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a fabulous comment. Funny funny funny:) Maegan said...

an itsy bitsy spider? or the itsy bitsy spider song! this IS hard!

Lecia said...

Picture of Ike - timely...

Colleen Wms said...

Sounds like you're set with the icing. Your original ideas would still work with "ice cube tray", "ice bucket", "ice cream scoop", "ice cream cone".
Others I thought of are the Incredibles dvd, an iron, Italian salad dressing, an instrument, an insect, iceberg lettuce, Ink pen, an i-phone, iced tea (bottle of snapple?), ipod, id card, incense (if u had time you could go to spencer gifts 4 it), index card, index in back of a book, IZOD logo shirt, an illustration,
There's always an IPA, an Incubus or INXS cd & an Italian BMT from Subway:-)

I just had to research bitter tasting foods4 a class project.


Maki said... maegan: You're genius!! My, oh no, it's kids' favorite song!! It is very hard this week. I just want to know what other students would come up with tomorrow.

lecia: Ike!!! LOL. He passed us last week you know?? Good thinking and a great idea!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog :D

Maki said...

colleen wms: Oh my goodness. Thanks so much for all the list!!! What a huge selection and I wonder now why had I not come up with these items??? Thank you so much - It help us a lot!! And thank you for stopping by!!!

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