Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Irresponsible Dog Owners..

Just so you know, if you can't clean after your dog, please don't even think about getting a dog. And if you insist on leaving your dog's precious behind without picking it up, then please take your dog and let him or her shit in front of YOUR HOUSE.

This is not an attack on responsible dog owners who take their lovely puppies for a walk with poopy bag in hands. I love animals that includes dog. But I hate those inconsiderate assholes who think it's okay to let their dogs poop wherever they please. If they can't pick it up, they don't even have the right to own a dog. Am I wrong of saying this or what???

Well, I've seen these pile of shits on the grass by our parking lot. I first saw it three days ago. I was like "Damn, I hate this...," Then the next day, another poop sitting next to the old one. I could totally tell it came from the same dog by observing the size. Then again yesterday, I see another one, this time a few feet away from the old ones, but I know they are all from the same dog = same owner!!!!

Then today, my two girls were playing outside with their daddy and I. My daughters were running and playing with a ball on the grass when I saw something nearby. "Girls! " I shouted. "Don't move! Freeze!" I said it again... I had to move closer to the brown object to make sure it was a bomb. And yes, it was.

Our condo's management even put those poop baggy stands and trash baskets all over the place which wouldn't let those dog owners say, "oh we forgot to bring the bag.." I just don't understand their thinking. How could you just watch your dog take shits and leave it as is???

My oldest Ju-Ju said, "Oh, those people are so rude, Mama. I can clean myself. I flush my poopy!" Yeah, that's right. Even the four year old knows what's right and wrong, why can't others who are adults??? All you need to do is to bend your knees and reach your hand to the objects with a bag and grab it. Simple. If the smell is bothering you, then hold your breath!!

I know I'm ranting here and I'm sorry.. But I'm getting fed up with it. Please curb your dogs or else, I will curb your asses to the pole!!!!


merc3069 said...

I live in a county so rural there are months without a leash law! I do agree, pets need responsible parents! Maegan said...

you even have poop bag stands around your place and people STILL don't do it? That blows my mind!

Dorkys R. said...

Ugh, some people are just nasty. And I bet if someone did that to them they would be the first ones raising hell about it! Which begs the you have a dog?

And you should set up watch to see who's the culprit.

MJ said...

I hear ya! I hate it when people don't clean up after their pets!

If you find out who it is, you should bag the dog poop and kindly "return" it to them.

Maki said...

merc3069: Awww it must be nice to be in a community where things are so calm and quiet. I lived in country (North Shore) in Hawaii, so things were so peaceful and yes, without a leash law! Miss that.

magegan: Seriously, they don't do it even those stands staring at them. I mean I feel like I'm a bad person saying this, but I'm so annoyed with those people. Am I just being anal, what do you think? I love your two cute puppies by the way:)

dorky r: I agree! No, I've never owned a dog, but I often watch my mom-in-law's Jack Russell, Bogey when she goes away. I walk him twice a day and yes, I always make sure to carry two plastic bags and pick up his precious! Oh boy, when my dad-in-law had golden retriever named Barney, his poop was incredible! Sorry, you may scratch the last words..

Maki said...

MJ: You know what? That's what I should do! This is like James Bond movie, gotta spy on them and make sure catch the bad guys and pay a visit with the bag full of beautiful scent. Divine!!

RiverMist said...

I live in a small condo next to the woods, so my dog poops there.
If I were you I would leave a lil note near the pooping area,
if they don't respond find out whose dog is it and report them.

Housewife said...

That is quite irritating! At my house we have random dogs that roam the neighborhood pooping as they please! GRRRRRR!

Hixons_mommy said...

I totally agree. my fiance has two daughters and his three year old will stop in front of dog poop squat down and stare at it and just point and say poop! lol its horrible.
In our neighborhood you don't have much of the people not picking up after their dogs, but we had a neighbor (live in an appartment thats hooked to another) who let their dog crap in the yard all over the place and not pick it up. and My fiance's little girls have a swing set outside so of course they don't watch where their going.

Bayjb said...

That is so true, amen girl! I also hate dog owners that don't "control" them and let them jump on or bark at people on the street. Hello, control your animal!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i am with you. i always find stuff on my front lawn.

Rachel said...

I totally agree girl...and smart kids you have!!! good job mom!

You need back up we're there!

Rachel said...

I totally agree girl...and smart kids you have!!! good job mom!

You need back up we're there!

Caitlin.Chrsitine said...

oh my gosh i should feel honored that your eevn acknowledging me. Im kind of young and so i thought this would be a great experience to be able to just write and have someone just listen to me. Thanks :]

love cait

colbymarshall said...

I once had a friend whose dad threatened to go poop in the neighbor's yard if his dog pooped in his one more time...the mental image of that still haunts me, lol

Maki said...

rivermist: Yeah, I should. I just don't see anybody doing it during the day, so I'm thinking they come out either early in the morning or late at night. I'll keep you posted!

housewife: It is irritating. All I want is for people to be more courteous; think about the others. I guess the word doesn't apply to certain people:(

hixons_mommy: Thank you so much for stopping by. It becomes a big issue when we have little ones. They can step on it, lay on it and it's dirty!!! Take care of your little cute boy:)

bayjb: LOL. My mom-in-law walks her dog Bogey with her neighbors and their dogs and it's like circus! They jump and bark at the other dogs. My hubby once saw the caos and yelled "control your dogs!" That stopped them. LOL.

savvy mode sg: Hello! Thank you very much for stopping by. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one!

rachel: Thank you, thank you... By the way, where are you in Florida??

caitlin.christine: Hey hey! No, I should thank you for visiting my blog. I'm fairly new to blogging on blogger, but it's indeed a great way to write your thoughts and let people know how you feel and who you are. Stay in touch!! xoxo

colby: I just want you to know, you always make my day because you crack me up!! Your humor is just..I can"t explain it, but it's like a gift sent from heaven:)

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