Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oversleeping is not cool.

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Just let me take a deep breath here...... Oh my god, I'm amazed how fast I was this morning, like the Olympian Michael Phelps. My oldest daughter has to be at school by 8:30am everyday. It was 8:12am when I woke up!!!! You wouldn't believe how quick and high I jumped from the bed, rushed to my girl's room, woke her up and changed, feed the breakfast in the car, drove like a maniac and got to the school where teacher awaits her students in front of the front door. It was 8:32am. I pretended like nothing happened, all smiley and saying "hello", but we couldn't fool the teacher. "Oh, Miss Littele J, you look sleepy...." LOL!

I did all the above in 16 minutes, pretty impressive, huh? However, there is nothing more depressing and embarassing than my kids being late for school. I feel complete a loser as a mother. I wanted to kill myself for rushing my princess the way I did just because I overslept (whey didn't I hear the alrm go off? or did I just shut the damn thing off in my half sleep mode?) Awwww! But hey, she was pretty much on time because there're other cars behind me trying to drop their kids off, so I will close my panicky babbling now.... Make sure to set you clock tomorrow, folks!!!


RiverMist said...

don't worry you are not the only parent who does that, i remmber my dad being very inconsistent with dropping me off at school, sometimes I would be the first one, other times I would be so late that i had detention. and I lived an 1hr away from the school :@

MJ said...

Man! I hate it when I oversleep! But it totally shows me how fast I could get ready if I wanted to ;)

Meaghan said...

very cool blog! Keep it up :)


Maki said...

rivermist: aww thank you. Gosh you lived an 1hr away from school. That's some distance, huh? I'm determined to be on time tomorrow!

mj: Right? I can't believe how fast we could get ready in case like this one. I mean, really fast. I'm amazed. So why can I not do the same usually? LOL.

meaghan: Thanks so much for leaving me the comment!!! I'll do my best! :D

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