Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleanness Is Divine~

So as always, I was listening to "Morning Mash" on SIRIUS and today's topic was "Clean Bathroom and Dirty Bathroom". You gotta love the subject!!!

They said that the cleanest (public) bathroom is in a hotel in Nashville, Tenn. Apparently, the bathroom is so clean that people can cook on the floor(really?). I would love to see this bathroom in Nashville.

I'm a big hater of public bathroom in general. I might be able to categorize myself as a public bathroom phobia. It freaks me out, it grosses me out and I do everything possible to avoid the situation where I have to use one. I can hold it for hours if I have to. But, when you have little ones in hand, that determination can easily shifted to the other side of fense. Even yesterday, when we went to the beach, as soon as we got comfortable, my oldest daughter Miss Little J said, "Mommy, I have to go to bathroom.." I was like "Awwwwwww!!!!" But when she gotta go, she got to go!

Okay, so public bathroom.... Why can't we all keep it clean? Do other people have any common sense to clean after themselves?? Because if you do your part to keep it tidy after your own business, we can all use the common area comfortably in the very clean environment. But no.. Some people just don't know how to use one. They just don't or don't care. It makes me really angry to tell you the truth. I sometimes have to knock and go through every single door until I find the one that I feel comfortable and safe using. It's disgusting. We're all women (I don't even want to picture what it is like to be in men's bathroom. Ewww!), we should know how to use the bathroom, should we not? Didn't our moms teach us how to do it??

My father used to say when we go out to a restaurant and needed to use the bathroom, "Ok, a moment of truth, let's see if this restaurant is clean place after all." He says you'll know everything about the food you eat at the restaurant if you see their bathroom. Even the restaurant is clean and offers fantastic food, if the bathroom is dirty, that's what you are eating. Because if they can't clean the bathroom, they're not cleaning the kitchen as well. I kind of agree with him.

These are the stuff you should know before you use public bathroom:

1. Do not use your hands to open the door. If you have to, then try to grab the handle with the sleeve, or grab with a paper towel.

2. Stay aways from the toilet bowl when flushing. The splash contains ton of germy germ!! I always make sure my kids stay away from it. They kind of fit right in; the toilet bowl looking right at them. LOL

3. Try to use public bathrooms that keeps track when and how often they clean, etc. Many department stores do maintain and clean the bathroom regularly.

By the way, if you would like to know, the nastiest /dirtiest public bathroom is at Port Authority in New York City. I thought they'd have enough people to maintain it to be clean. But I guess they're all too busy maintain the safety of the city..

So there you have it - Let's keep it clean, folks!!!


colbymarshall said...

Uh- I cannot stand to use public bathrooms. And there are no circumstances (NONE!) when I will use a port-a-potty. I just WON'T!

RiverMist said...

i have to say I'm not a fan of public bathrrooms either when it come to the toilet.
I can hold it for days :) seriously,
I remember every time I would sleep over a friends house or stay in a hotel my body would not let me go, it's like a have a defense mechanism against bathooms other than mine.

here's the link for the fannies:

merc3069 said...

LMAO at the pic!

Maki said...

colby: I'm sooooo with you on a port-a-potty!!!! I can't even walk through dirty bathrooms, I have to tip-toe and find any clean spots to walk on!!!

rivermist: Don't we all have the defense mechanism??? Well, my younger sister is not afraid of them, her motto is like a small child: when you gotta go, got to go!

merc3069: Isn't the pic funny? I was LMAO, too, when I found it. I'm glad you like it!! :D

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