Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Indulgence Is In Crisis

I love Haagen Dazs ice cream, especially Coffee and Strawberry flavors. But then, I have learned that all the flavors I have enjoyed, loved and treasured so much for so long, may will be gone forever; they're in serious crisis. It's all because the honey bees are disappearing!!! I was watching CNN about six months ago, when the network reported for the first time on their daily economy segment that Haagen Dazs Ice Cream maybe in trouble; not because their products weren't selling, but one of their secret ingredients're somehow disappearing from Earth.

Now, I see the honey bee logo everywhere on their packages or on the website asking for your help to bring the bees back. People may think, "Oh honey bees??? So what? I don't eat ice creams.." But the truth is 1/3 of food we eat could be impacted by this honey bee crisis. Did you know the honey bees are responsible for making our food tastey and yummy including many kinds of fruits??? I didn't know that until I visited Haagen Dazs website.

This is pretty serious issue and I want to ask for your help: Help save those cute little honey bees and let's bring them back!!!!

To help, please go HERE. Thank you!!!!


RiverMist said...

I <3 Haagen Dazs, specially their mango ice cream, for it is made with peruvian mango (the best in the world!!)
I din't know this was happening, would woulda imagined honey bees are endangered. :/

colbymarshall said...

MMMMMM! Ice cream! I love cherry vanilla ice creams...and peach...mmmmm. Must go to Kroger now ;-)

MR style said...

yummy !!! i love their crispy cream !!

Maki said...

rivermist: woooo, I love their Mango ice cream, too!!! I didn't know that it's made with peruvian mango?? That's awesome!! Check their site if you can, you'll learn a lot. It made me really sad.

colbymarshall: Don't we all love ice creams???? I just had another scoop of coffee ice cream. Did you get to go to Kroger???

mr style: Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I always get very excited when I receive a new comment from someone posting for the first time. We all love their ice creams - I hope we can save the honey bees! Thanks again!

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