Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dark Hair Is My Weakness

Eric Bana
Tom Cruise
Robert De Niro
Matt Dillon
Mark Ruffalo

I love movies. I love cool Hollywood stars. Actually, I posted my favorite Hollywood actresses a while back in my blog. So, I thought I should talk about my favorite actors this time... You may have noticed that all the guys I mention here have dark hair. I don't know why, but I love dark haired men. All the guys I've dated and of course my hubby included, they all have dark brown hair. I think they're so sexy!!!! Anyway, here goes my list.

Eric Bana: Oh my goodness, when I first time saw him in "Black Hawk Down", I was like "okay he's kinda cute.." Then came "Troy" -- Folks, have you seen him in the movie? He was gorgeous!!! He made Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt look like premature little boys. LOL...

Tom Cruise: I'm sorry to say, but I love him. I don't care if he's gone nuts. I've always loved him (and I don't mean it in a stalker way, so you know. LOL). Didn't you all love him in Jerry Maguire???

De Niro: Who wouldn't love him? He looks like my dad, especially when he smiles. Is that why I like him? I can't wait for his new film "Righteous Kill" with Pacino.

Matt Dillon: One of my all time favorite movies is "The Outsiders". I've been his fan since I saw it for the first time; I was only 8... He hasn't changed really and he's doing pretty damn good for 42!! I'm so happy he's still around.

Mark Ruffalo: His role from a hardcore nercotic detective (Collaterol) to a sweet boyfriend (Rumor Has It) kind of amazes me. Well, he is actor, so he has to be able to tuckle variety of roles because that's his job, but I really liked him in Collaterol. When I saw him in it, I was like "WOW!".

So, what do you think of my choice? There are plenty more to list if I want to, but I wanted to make it short and sweet. Who would be your favorite pick??? Please share!!!


RiverMist said...

TOM CRUISE DIED to me when he went kookoo.
dark hair rules!!!!! I like sandra bullok, megan fox & matthew mcconaughey, but those are only sexy actors (eye candy)
my fav. actors (as in talent)is def. woopie G & sandra B (EVER since i saw her on practical magic)

...love Maegan said...

lol. I always go for dark as well! Johnny Depp is my pick! ...since I was about 11 :)

...love Maegan said...

I tagged you :)

Dorkys R. said...

I think Eric Bana is so cute too! And Jerry Maguire (not Tom Cruise because he's gone insane) is so adorable!! My current celeb crush would have to be Patrick Dempsey. Those eyes, that smile - too bad he's married. I'd run my fingers through that hair for days!

Ok, I'm done gushing now. Carry on.

colbymarshall said...

Eric Bana, mmm delicious. As for Tom, I just don't do crazy. But I can't agree about Eric Bana making Orlando look bad, because mmm, Orlando...

MJ said...

Adding you to my blogroll today!

Maki said...

franco: Yeah dark hair rules!I love Sandra Bullock, too. Have you seen "Time to Kill" - Matthew Mcconaughey and your gal Sandra B were awesome in it. I like her because she's so down to earth and he is handsome:)

maegan: I admire Johnny Depp so much. He was a bad boy, then he's changed a lot in a good way - I think being the father of two did it, don't you think? He's more unselfish now. Great pick!

Thanks so much for tagging me:) I was pleasantly surprised! You've made my day:)

dorkys r: Aww Patrick Dempsey is cute! I really liked him in Enchanted. He's sooo popular now - yeah, all the good looking ones are all taken:(

colby: I knew people wouldn't go crazy over Tom.. Well, but I can't help it, I love him~~. LOL. Yes, Eric Bana is the man!! He's better looking with those bushy beard.

mj: Thank you so much for adding to your blogroll! Oh my, I'm so happy:) Today is really a good day for me!!!

Caroline said...

def. Mark Ruffalo

Maki said...

caroline: Hey! Thank you for stopping by:) I love Mark Ruffalo! Have you seen him in Zodiac? He looked rather funny and dorky, but still he was charming in it. Talk soon. Aloha~

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