Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday 5 for September 5 : Orange

1. What’s your favorite orange-colored food?

A. Honestly? Orange! LOL. I love tangy fruits and orange is one of my favorite! The smell and the sweet taste is just yummy.

2. What’s the best way to drink orange juice?

A. If I have money to buy enough oranges, absolutely and definitely squeezed them fresh! And pour in a nice glass in the morning - That's the best yo!

3. Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best?

A. In my humble opinion, Starbursts.. Just thinking about it making me drool in my mouth. ha ha. AND chocolate covered orange jelly candy.. Oh Divine!!!

4. What are your feelings about orange soda?

A. Truthfully, I like grape soda better. Orange soda tastes kind of funky and fakey to me. But, my husband LOVES orange soda. He drinks it like water sometimes which gives me nausea...

5. When did you last wear an orange item of clothing?

A. Are you for real asking this question???? Orange clothing.... Ahhhh.. I don't recall owning one, oh wait, maybe I did.. in high school. A nice shirt from Banana Republic, but I think it was more like coral color.


Wapsicle said...

I also love freshly squeezed OJ and all it's pulpy goodness.

Happy Friday 5! :-)

Ella said...

mmmmmm starbursts mmmmmm love them!

RiverMist said...

orange soda is too artificial tasting for me, so it grape but i like it better than orange. I like spash some lime juice in my OJ mmmmmm..

Alev said...

I hate orange, hahaha. :D

Maki said...

wasicle: thanks for stopping by! i love popsicle!!! isn't freshly squeezed OJ the best??? hope you're having a great weekend!

ella: yes! starbursts rule!!!! good to hear from you again:)

erivemist: yes, oj soda tends to give me yucky feeling and reminds me of cough medicine. i've never tried the lime juice in it, so i'll try!!

alev: what???? you hate orange?? awwwww, not fair!! lol.

Front Studio said...

yuuuum orange flavored foods, real and artificial! thanks for all your sweet comments on our blog maki! we're glad you like it.

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