Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Effects of Tequila

Late last night (actually it was like 1:30am EST), my gay BFF Mr. D who is also my stylist forwarded me a text with an attachment saying I had to listen to a whole thing because it's hilarious.

So, I did, and yes, it's indeed hilarious, so I wanted to share with you. He sent this thing as MMS, therefore I had to google it first, then found the clip on YouTube. Really, YouTube is simply amazing!!!

When I think about Tequila, there is an infamous memory in my book. I've already talked about this in the different post while back, but I'll talk about it again.

I remember when I turned 25, my hubby, then boyfriend and bunch of our friends threw me a HUGE birthday party. I don't mean to brag, but Honolulu night scene was my playground. I knew everybody wherever I go, so that night, as always while we bar hopped, everywhere I went, everywhere I turned there're people waiting for me to do shots of Tequila because that was my drink!!!! I'm Japanese, our custom would not allow me to say "No" to people who were offerin me drinks. LOL.

When we finally closed our place "the Wave" in Waikiki (which sadly closed after 25 years entertaining people in Hawaii two years ago), I knew exactly what was about to happen. I was totally getting sick!!!! Everybody still wanted to say "Happy Birthday" and hugging and kissing me, but I could not take it anymore. Good lord, the place was already closed and I was chilling in the club with bunch of employees and friends, I ran to bathroom and...... For the next 15 mins or so, my BFF Miss E (who was also my Maid of Honor) had to hold my hair and see me on my knees putting my head in the toilet bowl. What a pretty sight, right??? I remember Miss E kept on rubbing my back and saying "It's okay, Maki, it's okay..". Yes, she is the bomb! That's why she was my Maid of Honor!!!

I managed to get out of the bar and totally crushed and took some rest in the car while my hubby and other friends went on to party at After Hours until 6am.. I woke up as they came back to the car and they said with laugh, "Awww, look at you, curling up like a baby sleeping..". Honestly folks, it was one of the best birthday that I ever had, but also my worst birthday ever. My friends had more fun than I did, I can tell you that!!!

Anyway, enjoy the clip. It's funny and sooo true! But please everyone, make sure when you drink, don't drive. Call your friends, grab a cab or have a designated driver!!!

w/ Love,


Rachel said...

love tequila...I had one of those nights a long long time ago...fell asleep at the bar LOL

RiverMist said...

omg! that's so funny!
I DOn't like tequila though, I like wine.
naked twister?.. been there.

Dorkys R. said...

Hahahaha this clip is awesome!!

colbymarshall said...

Haha! Too funny for words! Thanks for the clip! Maegan said...

lol....that clip is hilarious! I, however, cannot drink tequila ever again. I think I had one too many run-ins with it when I was young....just the smell of it makes me want to vomit!

Maki said...

rachel: That's so cute; fell asleep at the bar LOL. Don't we all have one of those nights, right?

rivermist: I'm glad you're lyao! I like wine, too. I really don't like tequila since that night:(

dorky r: I know! I love it too!

colby: Hey hey! I'm so glad that you liked it because you know, you're a queen of comedy!

maegan: You know, I feel the same way as you about tequila since my birthday. Honestly, I can barely smell or taste tequila. I gag when I think about it.

pure evyl said...

A great vid about my all time fave potable.

Maki said...

pure evyl: OMG - I totally missed your comment until today!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! :) You like Tequila? I "used to" love it. Not anymore!

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