Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tell Me Something Good!!!!

Today's topic for "Morning Mash" on SIRIUS was DJ's taking calls by asking "Tell us something good because that's what we want to hear!!"
They said, "The world around us is crumbling down and we just want to hear happy stories!!!!" Don't we all agree that our world seems in caos these days???

One caller said she just got engaged last Sunday and other caller said he's bring his first baby girl home this morning. Sweets!!!

And I thought to myself what would I say if I called Rich, Ryan and Nicole and they asked me to tell them something good!!! That's when I heard my two daughters laughing and playing each other and giggling in the backseat.. "YES!!! This is it!!" I thought. I have my beautiful girls who are healthy (knock on wood) and precious who make my world sometimes caotic, but also perfect. That is my good story: One happy story.

So now I ask you this; Tell me something good!?!?!?


Sarah said...

Good news - I have fun blogs like yours to read. It helps drown out all the sad news. Thanks!

Maki said...

sarah: Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I've enjoyed your blog quite some time now. Stay in touch! :)

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