Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Daughter's First Boyfriend???

When I picked up my daughter today, one of her classmate's mother came up and talked to me. "Oh, my son has been talking about your daughter everyday since school started. He wouldn't stop talking about her and she is my son's favorite friend. I met her for the first time yesterday and she's soooo adorable!!" the mother said. I was very flattered and all I could say was "Thank you." Actually, my daughter got the invitation for his birthday and I told the mother we'll gladly attend.

Well, the story doesn't end there. We went home and doing whatever we had to do. Then my husband comes home. So, the first thing I tried to do was talk about her classmate Mr. Little J and how his mother went on about our daughter. Next thing I know all I heard was a little scream from behind, then crying voice with two little hands grabbing my legs tightly. It was my daughter Miss Little J. She was looking up and begging me to stop telling her daddy about her classmate Mr. Little J.

I was a bit confused because I just didn't know what was wrong, so I proceeded to inform my husband what Mr. Little J's mom had told us. Oh no, it was a huge mistake. A big mistake. My daughter Miss. Little J went on nuts on me, crying like something was really hurting her. So, I had to hold her and asked what's going on. She kept saying that she didn't want me to tell her daddy about her classmate. So, I stopped. My husband and I kinda knew, but we decided to shut our mouths, winking at each other.

Several hours had passed and at the bed time while I was laying next to my girls, my daughter whispered to my ears and asked, "Mommy, can I talk about Mr. Little J?" "Of course," I said.

Apparently, Mr. Little J likes my daughter and always sits next to her or asks her to sit next to him whenever there is class activity or snack time. She tells me that she wants to sit next to other friends, too, but Mr. Little J won't let her. LOL.
"Please don't tell Daddy about Mr. Little J, okay? I don't want him to get upset.." she said.

I felt this incredible warmth in my body. She knows somehow that her daddy is her number 1. Well, my husband always tells her so (kind of a brain washing way. lol). I think she got embarrassed. She's 4, turning 5 in two months. I think it's that age where you start to recognize some sort of feelings towards the opposite sex.. I told her that it's okay to have friends, boy or girl. I told her she needs to be nice to her friend, Mr. Little J because she was saying that she's now shy to see him. I told her it's okay that he likes her because they're friends and classmates.
"Okay, Mommy, I'll be nice to him..."

Aww, I can't wait to find out what will happen tomorrow -- or am I being a bad mother to feel this way?


RiverMist said...

omg that's so cute.
buti think 5 is too young, or am i wrong, i don't it's been along time. my sister is 8 and doesn't even talk to boys, she's socially challeged, lol..

MJ said...

So cute!

I remember having my first crush when I was about that age.

Maki said...

rivermist: I think my very first crush was when I was 6. My daughter is coming to a point where she gets really shy when people are paying lots of attention to her. Oh, don't worry, your sister is normal! :D

mj: My initial before marrying to my husband was 'mj' by the way... I miss those old days where crush was just crush. So innocent, right? :)

Alev said...

Awww, that's the cutest. :D I don't think I had any crushes in her age tho, hahaha. :D No, you are not a bad mom, you are great! Make sure to let us know what happens too. :)

Maki said...

alev: aww thank you - you're so sweet!!! yes, i will definitely keep you posted on progress!

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