Friday, September 19, 2008

My Wish List : September 20, 08

I found these clutches by Emilion Pucci on I'm not necessary a big fan of his design for dress piece, but I'm somehow intrigued by these weird looking clutches. They look like tasty candies... I want to have one and take it with me when I go out for an evening of fun, only if I had over $2000 to spend it. Ha!!!

My favorite color is the top brown/grey piece. What do you think about these clutches; you like them or hate it?

My question to you; what was your best and worst splurge?


Elanessea said...

Hello, thank you for writing to me, Maki! :) That is so neat, where in Japan are you from? I know it is hard to find authentic Japanese food around here but are there any restaurants you know of that have more authentic food than others? The one I went to that I mentioned in the blog post you commented was actually rather authentic. Japanese food is delicious, and the culture is astounding.

And as for this post, I think they're really cute. My favorite is the blue one but that's because I really love that specific shade of blue. The other colors are very nice as well. :)

Rachel said...

I love the blue it's HOT.

My splurge would have to be these Betsey Johnson shoes from Norstrom; they were $200 bucks but I had a coupon from Macy's and they accepted rang up $150...I love them...I may post a pic soon!
thanks for stopping always!

merc3069 said...

LOVE the blue one! Oh, don't get me going on fashion--I am wading through the new issues of Elle and Vogue, still savoring my big fall issue Vogue from last month.
**thought: we should do a blog devoted to our love of quirky fashion things...mmmm

RiverMist said...

I can't back you up in this one, sorry :( not my taste.

colbymarshall said...

Best splurge: my digital camera. I use that sucker ALL the time.

Worst? probably my next splurge. I want a hairless cat...a sphinx. I want one bad. They are expensive, but I WANT!!!

Maki said...

Bethany: It was my pleasure. Your blog is very lovely.. Hawaii where I spent half of my life has tons of great Japanese food/restaurants, but not here in Florida. But I have managed to survive :) Yeah, the blue one is really nice, too:)

Rachel: It's HOT, right? :D I didn't know Nordstrom accepts Macy's coupon!! Thanks for letting me know. I love shoes and you need to post your new pair of BJ! I would love to see them!!

merc3069: Another blue one! Yep, I'm with you on the mags - I subscribe ton of them and always behind and before I finish, the next issues arrive. LOL. Let's blame it on kids! LOL I'm totally up for your new **thought;)

rivermist: aww please be kind. LOL. I kinda knew you wouldn't like it. hehe. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not @ first, but I opt for wish list in the end:) I think it's interesting.

colby: Ewww, you want the hairless cat?? OMG - my hubby's friend from high school has one. Really. I've seen it via live. I love cat, but I couldn't hold her because..because...she looked like she was wet! LOL. I touched her though. Miss T (my hubby's friend) was loving her; kissing her, etc. I thought she's crazy! You, courageous woman :)

I need to buy new digital cameral because I need it!

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