Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcom Back, Christian


I must admit, I used to love Christian Slater. He had this bad boy image and I only fell for bad boys when I was young. He was cute. But then, he had all these problems with drugs, women (mainly with his ex wife) and anger, etc, so he kind of disappeared for a while. I know he did some great parts in several awesome movies such as "The Contender" and "Bobby", but he was sidelined for long time.


Then I start to see the preview for "My Own Worst Enemy" which is a new TV series on NBC schedule to air soon. Christian Slater and TV??? Interesting. Actually, many movie stars these days are doing TV series. It's a new trend among the movie stars. Anyway, my honest opinion is that he hasn't changed a bit. Maybe he put some weight around his belly and his hairline may have progressed more, but overall he looks pretty good!! He is still sexy and I'm happy:) I think I'm going to tune in to the new drama just to see how my old hunk does on TV screen. I'm kind of excited and I hope it's doesn't suck!


colbymarshall said...

That's the same feeling I had about the new 902120..."Man, I hope this doesn't suck!"

...love Maegan said...

yeah....I'm on the fence about that show and Christian Slater making a comeback ...he's just always the same!

RiverMist said...

blah balh blah...
who knows, maybe he'll comeback like britney..
and also come up with a single
"it's christian b*tch"
who am I kidding, it's bound to suck.

Maki said...

colby: oh yeah!!! Have you watched the new 90210??? Do you like it? I used to hooked on it when I was in high school. I'm really hoping it doesn't suck:)

...love maegan: Thank you so much for visiting my blog. We'll see about Christian Slater. He may be able to pull it off. Yes, he's always the same which I like!

rivermist: Well, we're talking about Christian Slate here. LOL. He's always been a good actor, so we shall see.

Bayjb said...

I really am excited about this new show. I loved Christian Slater in the 80s, remember Kuffs? Still not bad lookin' either.

Maki said...

bayjb: OMG!!!!! I LOVE KUFFS!!!! Wasn't it the most hilarious and awesome movie??? Remember the gay florist?? I'm so glad we're on the same page:D

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