Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Said The Thong Is Dead???

I was listening to the radio the other morning when the DJ repeatedly said, "The Cosmo said, the thong is dead! Is that true, dear listeners??"

I did a post about thongs a long time ago and talked about how much I love the thong. I used to hate it until I tried it and now I can't wear anything else. I find regular bikinis or V-strings or other panties who touch my butt cheeks annoying. But apparently, the thong is dead according to Cosmopolitan magazine. I am very surprised because there is no such thing as "The thong is dead" in my book.

According to Cosmo, "boyshorts" are becoming more and more popular (see the photo above) - I still remember I bought countless boyshorts at Gap Body when I was pregnant with both of my girls. They were the most comfortable undies that I wore during my pregnancies. They totally streched to my ever growing hip and belly and I loved it. But now, I can't do boyshorts. I think the shape is lovely and my husband would love for me to wear it, but the answer is NO.

But seriously Cosmo, are you sure the thong is dead because many women were still loving it the last time I checked.

Anyway, I couldn't find any photos online except from Victoria's Secret that show the shape of panties as well as how your back would look like..

"hihuggers" will annoy me quickly... Cute, but too much coverage..

My husband likes "hiphuggers" on me - he thinks I shoud wear cute panties on daily basis. But I don't have those anymore in my drawer.

I like "cheekies" next to thongs.. I can handle this..

Still, I don't want anything touching my butt cheek...

The color I love and this one feels like air and I love it...

Yes, I love thong, but I will never wear this. Never.

My verdict is "YES" to thongs!!! Oh I love thee...
So ladies, what about you? Which one is your best friend for your cute butt???


eri said...

i love boyshorts!!! i think they're super cute.

i like thongs too though...i love hanky pankys and commandos!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

i think i prefer cheekies to thongs...i still love thongs, but cheekies are cute too!

BakerGirl said...

I prefer low rise bikinis and hip huggers to thongs. I used to love thongs but now I dread having to wear them. I'm not sure when that changed, one day I was just tired of having a string up my butt.


Dionne said...

I have thongs, but only wear them with pants that would show the panty-line otherwise. I like them, but must admit I prefer a little more coverage.

pen.ny said...

I am a hanky panky thong wearer, loyal!! Think I own every color there is!

Riff Dog said...

I'm not much of a lady, but I'll chime in anyway. When thongs first came out, they were sexy because they were so scandalous. But then it got to the "everybody and their sister" stage, and the newness was gone.

So today? I prefer the look of sexy panties over thongs. It's that whole "something left to the imagination" thing. I like all the first 6 Victoria's Secret examples you have here. Very sexy.

Nicole Marie said...

hahah oh my gosh the one witht he huge flower on the back. haha

KitKat AKA Katz said...

I just started wearing thongs about a year ago when my husband repeatedly commented on pantylines when I wore my thight black work pants. It took a while before i felt ok with thongs and I still don't wear them to sleep. I love boyshorts, they are my favorites, but cheekies are also really nice.

Amy said...

I'm with you, nothing else seems omfortable after wearing a thong. Although, I think I would give anything a go (even the roses) if I had a fine bottom such as this (sigh)! The pink polka dots are a dream x

Maki said...

eri: You're so cute! :)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art: Yes, I think cheekies are cute!! :)

BakerGirl: LOL. Yeah I understand..

Dionne: I think most people are like you - wear thongs when they have something tight on.. :)

pen.ny: Oh YES!!!!! ;)

Riff Dog: Hmm I guess many men are like you or my husband - they like a little coverage? It's really interesting - thanks for your input:)

Nicole Marie: Yes I know - the pic is too funny. I really want to know if anyone buys it. :)

KitKat: I think thongs are definitely good for tight pants/jeans/skirts - it takes time to get used it.

Amy: To me, thongs are the most comfortable style, but I guess many people feel different - it's interesting! xo

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