Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

This is me and my twin sister K. Oh wait, she doesn't look like me. Actually, she is my BFF K - It's her 30th birthday today. She and I are like real sisters - we act alike, we think alike and we drink alike. I love her dearly and she has been through so much and yet she never stops trying. I respect her and love her... She has mixed feelings about turning 30, but I tell her, wait until she turns 35! Her life has just began...

We are heading to downtown to celebrate her birthday and it's obvious I'm going to be her babysitter tonight :)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!



Jenn(ifer) said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you girls had a great night!

The Muse said...

happiest of days:) stay safe but have fun!!

eri said...

happy valentine's day maki!

hope you and your bestie had a great night!!! it's always so wonderful to have a girl's night. :)

Bayjb said...

Aww Happy Valentine's Day and birthday to K, what a great picture of you both!

Maki said...

Jenn: Happy Valentine's Day!! We did have a great night!

The Muse: Oh my goodness I'm so glad I survived the hungover!

eri: Happy Valentine's Day sweetie:) And yes, it's always nice to have a girl's night! xoxo

Bayjb: Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Are you staying warm???

Makeup Theory said...

It's obvious from the picture that there is much love between you.

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