Sunday, February 21, 2010


I love candles. I get excited if I see them on the tables or the counter at restaurants and bars. I love different kind of candles, big and small, scented and unscented. My FAVORITE candle maker was Illuminations which was bought by Yankee Candle (which I'm not so fond of their jar design, but scents are good) and has gone out of business recently. I'm very sad about it because I used to go to Illuminations store in Hawaii and decorated my house with my favorite candles... One of my favorite was Napa Vally Harvest and the candle surely smelled beautiful...

Right now, my house is filled with tea lights and votive lights as well as some Illumination candles that I scored at Marshalls last year during the holiday shopping. My house smells really nice at night. I am a candle girl - I really am... It makes me feel so calm and romantic.

So, are you a candle girl???

p.s. my throat is so itchy, I can't stop caughing. I hate being sick!


Unknown Mami said...

Feel better soon!

eri said...

i think candles are so pretty!!!
i'm just super paranoid to light them ahahahaha! my candles sit out unlit.

Bayjb said...

I have a lot of candles but I rarely light them because I have a tendency to forget and don't want to burn my house down. I remember illuminations too! They had one at the local mall and it was fab.

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