Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The First Valentine's Day

I was talking to one of the clients today when she asked me what she should get for his new boyfriend of two months. She is smitten and wants to get something for him, but because they've been dating for only short time, she is just not sure how much is too much. She also thought about him not getting her anything and that's making her nervous too.

My boss and his wife kept telling her not to get him anything and let him do the work... I, on the other hand told her, if she wants to get him something, then that's what she should do. She said she was going to get his favorite movie on DVD and maybe a certificate for a round of golf. Oh boy, my boss and his wife were like, "Are you crazy? What if he doesn't get you anything? Just go and see if he gets you something. Once the relationship gets serious, then you should get him something.."

Now, I still remember the look on her face; the disappointment or the confusion because I know she wants to get him something. They are definitely going to dinner together - she just doesn't know if she should get him gifts.

What do you think everyone? What would you do if you're only dating your BF for a few months and celebrating Valentine's Day together for the first time. I know I would be so excited! Wouldn't you want to get him something - I mean, I would. Or am I wrong???

Please let me know and help her out!!!


Chloe said...

If they're going to celebrate together, I think she should give him a gift. Just something simple though, and not over the top. I'm sure the guy's gonna give her something too. He won't invite her to a dinner on that day if he doesn't like her.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I would get something small that he likes and that maybe they could do or watch together.

Dionne said...

I think she should do what she wants. And since she wants to give him a gift - she should. She can be completely up-front about it too, and tell him that she was a little nervous about Valentine's Day so early into their relationship, but that she wanted to give him a gift regardless.

She shouldn't only give him a gift if he gives her one - that makes Valentines Day conditional - and that's so not what it's about.

penz said...

I've been there before. If she wants to get him something, then by all means do so, but keep it under 50.00. That way he doesn't feel that he has to feel guilty if he only spent a moderate amount. It is the thought that counts though.

Hope that helped.

FrancoB. said...

wanna let you know I moved domain,
you girls are adorable as always.
congrats on the business!

eri said...

i think she should get him something if she wants. but keep it very simple. i like her dvd idea. *sometimes* going big so early can scare the guy...and make him feel guilty if he didn't get her anything. but something small and cute and sentimental is nice. sometimes i think guys have it easy. they can just do flowers. hahaha. but yah, i like the small gifts...like the dvd...maybe his favorite movie snacks and a bunch of little things that say "i've been paying attention to your favorite things" ahahaha.

Mrs Montoya said...

I am a gift giver for every occasion. It doesn't matter if he gets her anything or not. The joy is in the giving (mostly!!) She should give if it's what she wants to do.

The Muse said...

if they are going out...i say yes...by all means, get a gift...(assuming he is paying for the outing) then that is a gift, yes?

she could always get something and hold it in reserve...waiting to see if he has bought her something...

oh gosh, its been a long time since i dated! lol

Maki said...

Girlies: I totally agree with you!! I told her don't listen to my boss and do what she wants to do. Don't go overboard, but she should get him something. Dionne, my point exactly!
Thanks for your input my lovelies!

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