Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ju Ju & Valentine's

Don't we all love Valentine's Day? It makes you feel warm inside... And my oldest daughter Ju Ju is learning the meaning of Valentine's Day for the first time. She had gotten Valentine's goodies when she was in Pre-K, but now, it is more of a big deal for her - I think she really gets it...

Ju Ju is so excited and wants everything to be perfect. When we went Target to shop for the goodies for her classmates, she wouldn't stop asking me questions or rejects some ideas I threw in to help her finding candies that she wanted for her friends. She decorated Valentine's cards for herself and even written messages on the cards. 16 students and friends she shares everyday life with - I think they are all important to her. After she finished writing stuff on the cards, I told her to go to bed. I told her I would finish everything for her. She was VERY skeptical. Side note: The dining table was full of candies, goodie bags, cards and chocolate - it was like hurricane stormed through the house. So I could understand her concern and this is the conversation we had after two hours of doing the Valentine's preparation for her school.

Ju Ju: "Mama, ARE YOU SURE???"
Me: "Yes, I'm sure.."
Ju Ju: "But Mommy, how are you going to wrap everything?"
Me: "Don't worry about it.."
Ju Ju: "Are you sure?? Is everything gonna be ready when I wake up?"
Me: "No doubt about it.."
Ju Ju: "But Mommy, are you going to put everything in the bag?"
Me: "Everything.."
Ju Ju: "Are you sure you know who is who and name and everything?"
Me: "............."

After convincing her that everything is going to be okay, she finally went to bed. And I wrapped all the candies, chocolate and cards and this is the final photo.. (sorry for the bad quality of pics) - I also placed the card on the table Ju Ju made for me in her class today... The card was SUPER adorable!!!

I can't wait to see her face tomorrow morning. Have a lovely Friday everybody:)


eri said...

that is the sweetest thing ever!!!! kids have the purest hearts! i hope ju ju has a great day at school tomorrow!

BakerGirl said...

Aw! Love how concerned she was! You're such a good mom to go through all of that! Back in the day, my mom would have lost patience and been like, "Uh, why can't they get a paper card with candy?".


JDaniel4's Mom said...

You did a great job! It is wonderful that she want things just right for her friends.

Thanks for stopping by.

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