Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Phone

My cell phone has been having some issues for the longest time. It gives me "SOS" indication when I want to make a call or go on the web and I have to reboot at time. It's frustrating. I've used it for two years now and I think it's time for me to get a new phone..
Now, this is the phone I'm using now. BlackBerry Curve 8310..
My friend wants me to buy her new iPhone that she just got three months ago because she doesn't like AT&T and want to switch back to Verizon - of course for a friend price:)

Or BlackBerry Bold 9700. I've been using BlackBerry for four years. I really like BlackBerry. iPhone is very tempting too, but I'm used to BlackBerry and am not sure I'll be okay without BlackBerry.
So help me - what do you think I should get???
What cell phone do you use - do you like it???


BakerGirl said...

I have an iphone 3G and plan to upgrade and stay with it because it's the first phone I've owned that does everything I need and more! 2 years later and the novelty hasn't worn off!

Of course, I would check with your friend and see what she didn't like about AT&T's coverage. Was it that she couldn't get 3G all the time or was it really spotty to the point where she had no useable service?

AT&T is fantastic here in LA but in NY it was hit or miss.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I responded to your tweet the other night but I'll do it again ;-) blackberry all the way!
I'd be so lost without mine!

eri said...

i have the iphone, and i love it! i don't know who i ever lived without it! i had a blackberry pearl before, but w/out the internet plan (i was being cheap! and i didn't like how the internet looked "funny" back then. but...i know some of my friends that have done the switch to iphone, and went back to blackberry. i think it all depends on what you use it for.

Dionne said...

Like these chickies, i am sporting the iphone 3G, and LOVE it!

kendrasue said...

My hubby has an iphone and I use it all the time. I just haven't figured out how to blog from it. I can respond to others, but I can't figure out how to post on my own.

Maki said...

Girlies: Hmm, I can't believe how many people are using iPhone. My friend wants to sell her 3G-s, but if I'm going to buy from her, I want to buy a brandnew one.. But Jennifer's comment is making me really wanting to get a new BlackBerry - but iphone is fun too. Oh decision decision..

Unknown Mami said...


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