Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cupid : Update...

Well, my friends.... The blind date didn't happen. One of them cancelled last minute..
But it's okay - we ended up going to downtown and partied together with my BFF and co-workers instead! And I must say I had real fun!!!

By the way, is it just me when I am hangover, I want soda? I usually don't drink soda - maybe once every two months or so. But when I had a lot of alcohol the night before, all I want is Coke or Sprite. Funny, I know. Even today, I had cafeine free Coke and my oldest daughter Ju Ju looked at me and said, "Mama? Soda???" Oh it was so yummy...

How about you - What do you like to have when you're hangover: greesy food or soda???

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Stepfanie said...

When I'm hungover the last thing I want to do is eat or drink. Just sleep the day away! I really like your blog, definetly following!

eri said...

aw, bummer on the blind date. hopefully it'll happen soon and we can hear a success story!

lately, when i'm hungover, i crave rice. plain white rice. i've found i'll eat rice and i'll feel MUCH better! :)

michelle said...

haha too funny....I have to have soda...something about the bubbles....:)

m :)

Laura said...

I always want a coke!

The Muse said...

Oh....too bad about the blind date not happening...

Poor cupid will have to work overtime! LOL

Glad to hear that you had grand time with friends...that always makes thing brighter :)

BakerGirl said...

When I'm hung over I need a Dr. Pepper asap and then a greasy breakfast meal.

It's not optional. If I don't get a Dr. P I will puke.

The boy tested this once.
I puked.

Now I get a Dr.P asap when we drink alot.

Bayjb said...

I need ridiculously greasy food and try to guzzle as much water as possible. But greasy foods are the MUST.

Maki said...

Stephanie: Thanks so much for following. Now, I get sick if I don't eat.. Weird?

eri: Well, about the blind date - there's new development! he he. Stay tuned:) Plain rice? I love "okayu" when I'm sick with umeboshi:)

michelle: Me too! I have to have
soda. I don't know why... xoxo

The Muse: I was disappointed about the blind date too, but something happened:)

Bakergirl: Dr. P!! Wooo. Actually I don't like Dr. P - JT loves it though! LOL Dr. P for BakerGirl! Love ya! xoxo

Bayjb: Oh yes, definitely greesy food. I had mushroom and onion pizza with salad with the fam and the BFF who went out with me for dinner the next day. Of course with Coke - it was divine!

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