Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sleepy. I'm VERY VERY sleepy.. . I try to tell myself that sleep is overrated, but I think my body is a lot honest than my brain. My average hours of sleep is probably 5.5 ~ 6 hours. I know I don't spend my time wisely and I end up going to bed really late - if I am in bed before 1am, that's really early!! Yes, I'm a night owl...

But my Ju Ju goes to school now, so I need to be up before 7am in the morning. I realized there is Maki who gets happy if I get to sleep for 6 hours - that's not enough. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don't know how to go to bed earlier than 1AM. I tend to come up with all the things I need/want to do past midnight - oh why, oh why, I just don't know.

So, I need your opinion. What is your daily hours of sleep: the hours that make you happy and fanctional - 7 hours or 8 hours? And what time do you go to bed usually or what time do you wake up? Help me!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


michelle said...

oh boy girl you need some get 7 hours for sure but 8 is so so much better....I am so grouchy if I don't get enough sleep!


eri said...

i've recently discovered i need about 8-9 hours of sleep to feel real good the next day, but i usually get only about 6. i need to "ideally" wake up around 6 to not be late for work (but that never seems to be the case!) so that means i'd need to go to bed around 10! i swear it is like a near impossible task!!! i tried it for about a month and felt really good...i even think it helps lose weight! but to try to be in bed by 10 is so difficult! i should try to do it again soon though!

BakerGirl said...

I need 8... I find that going to bed at 10:30 is a good time for me, when I make that my schedule. I find ti way too easy to stay up until 1-2am and then drag through the next day only to have that pattern repeat the next day.

Maki said...

michelle: You tell me! I so need 7 hours and I feel like I don't even know how to get those hours because I will need to go to bed early - I just can't! LOL

eri: My night owlness started when I turned 21 and started going out - yes good old times in Honolulu :) I used to go out until 3am and was able to get up at 7am - NOW impossible! Gosh I'm old!

BakerGirl: You have such a descipline - I can't go to bed that early!!! (I used to though when I was in high school..)

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