Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Princess And The Frog ~Review~

So, we went to see the movie "The Princess And The Frog" last night and I must say it was super super cute movie!!!! We all enjoyed it very much. The girls sat in between JT and I - we're giggling through out the whole movie - it was really fun!

The story talks about dreams and you have to work hard to make it come true. But the real message is something more important and it touched me so deeply. It also talks about family, love and values... It was really a nice story and I even cried at the end.

I strongly suggest you to go and see it - it's totally worth it!!!


Bayjb said...

Yay! Thanks for letting me know. I'll add this to my list.

Maki said...

Bayjb: You should definitely see it - I think you'll like it!!!

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