Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shut It!!!

Tonight, my daughters and I met up with my BFF K and her daughter at the mall for shopping and went to PEI WEI for dinner. 15~20mins waiting in line is a norm to wait for a table and we're doing exactly that.

Many of you know that Florida has been suffering from unusual cold weather (I'm talking deep freeze) and the temperature finally has gone up since yesterday. But it's still chilly at night. Anyway, one of the employees of the restaurant decided to open the door to change the air. Many people waiting in line weren't happy about it, but what could we do? Then an old couple and their friends came in and tried to close the door. Everyone in line told the lady, "Oh you can't close the door, they want to keep it open." Now this old lady frawned and said, "Why?? It's cold!"

Meanwhile, my BFF K decided to call our kids who were playing outside to come back in the restaurant. That's when we heard this old lady yelling at our girls, "Shut it!"
We looked and my BFF went to the door to see what's going on. Apparently, that same old lady tried to close the door when our girls tried to keep it open using the stopper. K's daughter M said to the lady (and she's only 6), "But the waiter told us we can't close it.." - "I don't care, just shut it. SHUT IT!," the lady yelled again.

K told the lady, "Excuse me, you don't need to yell at my children. They are following the instruction - it's not their fault." Then the lady said, "Oh why are you being so hostile? We're freezing here, I don't care what anyone says, that door needs to be shut!"

Okay... I think her mouth needs to be shut. Seriously, that lady was rude and scary. Nobody has the right to talk to our children the way she did especially when they're doing the right thing. The girls said, "Mommy, that lady wasn't nice.."
I told myself, I will never be a maen old lady! Ha!

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eri said...

i'm glad they stood up for themselves :) some people can be so mean and grouchy...

i'm loving your daily blogs, btw!

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

I am in shock. I have seen really mean people out there, and they usually take it out on kids.

Kudos to you and your friend for not being door mats.

Laura said...

She was trying to get your kids to take the blame! How terrible.

Dionne said...

How rude! I really don't understand people these days!

Bayjb said...

Um that's ridiculously rude and unnecessary. That woman needs to get a talking to. seriously.

Kristin said...

It is nobody's right to scold anyone's children. That is nuts!

Maki said...

My Girlfriends: Seriously everyone, I am not making this up. She looked exactly like the old lady in the photo, only she had short hair!! Oh the look on her face and my kids' face. I can't explain how annoying she was!!!!

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