Monday, January 18, 2010

Got Cold?

Today's post is going to be short and sweet.

Okay, I'll cut to the chase - I am sick. But I've commited myself to post every frickin' day, 365 days, so there you have it.

This post is to say that I'm sick and I'm miserable. So I'm going to bed..

Wait, does this count as one post or am I cheaing?
But I can't type any longer....... I hate cold. Hate it.
Night night!


BakerGirl said...

Aw, feel better soon Maki!

eri said...

aww, feel better!!!

Brook said...

I hope you feel better soon! Dropping by from SITS to say, "hello". Best wishes.

Kindest regards,

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Lemon & honey...i think that helps. Listen to some Sade or whatever relaxes you. *hugs*

Bayjb said...

Aww go back to bed and get some rest!!! Feel better!

Maki said...

My girlfriends: Thanks so much!! I am feeling so much better now - I wanted to die this morning, but the worst part is over I think. Thanks to sleep and vitamins!!! Rest is important!


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