Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Pet Peeve

I'm going to be direct: One of my pet peeves is nose hair. I get turn off by it very quickly. It doesn't matter if it's my dream man Christian Bale or Brad Pitt or George Clooney - if I spot some hair saying hello from their nose, that's it - our love affair is over.

Back in college years, I briefly dated this guy who was very attractive. He was also a student and we frequented at a local internet cafe to study (do you remember we used to have these cafes all over the place before?) One night while we're studying, he started complaining that his nose was itchy. I had already spotted his nose hair peeking out a few days prior, but didn't know how to bring it up. I was hoping, "It won't be there tomorrow.." - but it's still there the next day. I was talking to myself in my head while looking at him, "Dude, your nose is itchy because of that hair... Can you please cut them or do something?" Then this happened.

Him: "Damn, this is annoying, I have to check and blow my nose.." (then he stands up and goes to the bathroom)
Me: "Oh, okay.." (YES!! Today is the day. He'll see it - he'll know why it's itchy!)

A few moments later, he comes back. I check, it's still there. Big big sigh... He ended up complaining throughout the night about his nose, I wasn't strong enough to tell him why his nose was itching. I wish I had the nerve to tell him, "Honey, you know, you need to trim that hair -then it wouldn't bother your nose so much.." But I just couldn't. And I stopped seeing him.

And there is reason why I'm afraid of nose hair so much. I grew up watching my dad always trimming his nose hair (excuse me for repeating the words) in front of the mirror and listened to him constantly telling me and my sisiter it's important to check our nose before going out. He used to tell me, "It doesn't matter if you're beautiful or a princess, it's not attractive to see hair peeking out from your nose, so make sure to check every day." It's funny, but it's true.

So, one of the first things I look when meet new people is nose. I know it sounds crazy because it's such a little thing to focus, but it's a huge thing for me... When it comes to my husband, I have no problem telling him about it and he usually tells me to pluck it right then and there using my tiny tweezerman that's always in my makeup bag. It doesn't matter if he's driving, I lean over and do it from the passenger seat.

I just love looking at the clean nose..

So do you have any pet peeve???


eri said...

buahahahahahahahaha! that is sooo funny! i totally understand what you're talking about! my bf sounds just like your dad! hahaha.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Seriously! He lets you pluck his nose hair? Ohhh the pain!

Mrs Montoya said...

My hubby got a nose hair trimmer in his stocking this year. I may not be quite as hung up on it as you are, but it IS awfully hard to take!!

Thanks so much for coming by from SITS. I'm your newest follower!!

Bayjb said...

My pet peeve with guys is when they bounce their leg furiously up and down while sitting. I know it's a nervous thing but it makes me INSANE.

Maki said...

eri: Hmm you BF knows how to present himself! Good going!

Jenn: Oh the pain turns into joy! LOL

Mrs Montoya: Does the nose hair trimmer work? If so, I want to get one for my husband! xoxo

Bayjb: OH! I hate that one too!!! My dad used to pointed out to me when I was younger. I don't do it anymore.

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