Friday, January 15, 2010

Have A Lovely Weekend!!!

Hey there, my friends! So what's your plan for the weekend????

I was at my BFF who lives across the lake from me - now I'm back at the house typing this post because you know, I made a promise to myself that I will try to post every day in 2010!!!

My BFF K has my girls along with her daughter, bathing them while I'm home getting the girls' pajamas - the girls are sleeping over at her house. K's daughter and my girls are BFF's too! I'm heading back there to have some cocktails at her house and have girls talk... Oh how much I love those girl talk. LOL...

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a lovely and safe four-day weekend!

Let me know how your weekend is going!



eri said...

that sounds like such a nice evening! i wish my bff lived close by, but she lives in california. :(

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Like Eri my BFF(my sister) lives in California. Sounds like you have a great friend.

This week-end I am having a fund-raiser for Haiti. Wish me luck.

michelle said...

sounds great.......we are headed to a food and wine show!
m :)

Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe you're going to post every day in 2010. Do scheduled posts count or do you actually have to write every day?

tattytiara said...

Wow, posting every day? I used to do that. It's a commitment, but once you get into it soon enough it's a hugely natural part of your life. Have a great weekend!

Maki said...

eri: One of my BFF lives in San Francisco - I wish she is closer, too.

Imperfect Stopford Wife: Good luck with the fundraiser!! You're doing such a wonderful thing! xoxo

michelle: Food and Wine show???? I want to go!!!

Unknown Mami: I'm not sure if scheduled posts count, but I'm assuming it has to cuz I know there will be time I won't be able to write it live. So far, I've been writing every day though...

tattytiara: I agree!! I thought it's going to be hard, but so far, it's like a habit - 10:30pm at night I find myself sitting in front of my computer:) xx

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