Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Princess And The Frogs

Ju Ju and Soapy have been wanting to go to see the movie "The Princess and The Frog" since they saw the prview. We even saw the real princess when we went to the Disney for Ju Ju's birthday in November.

Tonight, JT and I are taking the girls to see it!!!!! I was going to write about it after I get back, but since the movie starts at 9:30pm, I decided to do a post about "We're going to the movie" so I won't miss today's post!

I'll let you know all about it after we come back! Hope you're having a great weekend!!!!!



lbluca77 said...

Aaww that looks like such a cute movie. I bet they will love it.

Bayjb said...

that movie does look super cute and I've heard good stuff about it. Keep us posted what you and the girls think!

Maki said...

lbuca77: Oh yes they did! You should go too! My hubs was laughing his ass off!

Bayjb: It was really cute and so heartwarming. I loved it!

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