Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your Unknown Power

My grandma (dad's mom) was a medium. Believe it or not, I grew up listening to her stories of countless encounters with ghosts and paranormal activities. I wasn't afraid, but rather curious, so I used to beg her to tell me about her ghosts even when my dad told me to stay out of it (he was scared, I'm sure!!).

She used to say, "Oh, last night was bad.. The furniture wouldn't stop shaking. I told them to shut up. I think something bad is going to happen." Then soon enough, we get news that our family member had passed or got in the accident. My grandma had seen so many ghosts or spirits that were unable to go to heaven. My dad hated hearing the stories though. I think he can also feel something beyond our imagination or understanding, but just doesn't want to admit it.

I can not see spirits/ghosts. Period. I don't see them. BUT, I do feel them sometimes. My thing is, although I don't see them with my eyes, I have the gift that I am not so fond of. I can tell if someone is going to die. I realized I have this weird intuition of predicting someones death when I was teenager after my grandfather died.

One day, I was watching TV and saw this huge actor R.P. talking about his upcoming movie. I felt this overwhelming sadness when I was looking at his face. I still clearly remember the moment which I was thinking to myself, "Oh my god... I think he is going to die.." Then a week later he overdosed and died at a famous bar in L.A. Coincidence? Maybe. But since then, I often times find myself feeling the same things ove and over again, and soon after I learn those intuitions were indeed real.

For the past two years, I have lost two friends and a family member. All of them I somehow knew they were going to die even though they were not ill. The sad thing is that I didn't want to believe that was going to happen to them, so I shrug it off from my head saying, "Oh, stop it... She will be fine," or "He will be fine..." Nobody would believe me anyway because I wouldn't know exactly when or what time. It is something that I wish I could just throw away because it is scary if you really think about it. I am not proud of my six sense. I wish I had the ability to do something more fun.

Anyway, one of my favorite TV programs is coming back next week. It is A&E's Paranormal State. Have you seen the show before? It's pretty interesting. Check out the preview!

And these are the films related to the above subject that I enjoyed seeing. I tend to love happy movies, but sometimes I just can't help myself wanting to see something scary.

So, my friends, do you believe in ghosts? What are your thought???


MJ said...

I believe that there is definitely something there that we can't see - whether it be evil or good.

I think a lot of people have a natural ability to tune themselves into this kind of paranormal activity, but I also think there are a lot of frauds out there looking for a quick way to make money.

I think the connections are mostly inherent in all of us, but that we have to be accepting of them for them to become active.

When I was younger, I used to have night terrors that would wake me up. Inevitably, something terrible would happen in the next few days. It wouldn't necessarily be related to the dream, but sometimes it was.

I also feel an overwhelming connection to my uncle who passed away last year. I remember at my college graduation, after I sat down from receiving my diploma, I felt a tightening around me. I knew it was my uncle giving me his signature bear hug. He had died only a few weeks before. It was a warm feeling knowing he was watching over me.

Franco said...

I wish I had some kind of intuitional gift, my mom has it, she can sense if someone has died in a house, and has numerous ghost experinces. anyways, I trutly believe you, my family has a history of these gifts, or at least experiences, my mom can sense ghosts, and my sister has precognitive dreams, I do too sometimes, but I usually focus in things such as tarot and magic.
we are paranormal and I love it

Jess said...

That is really mazing, and really frightening. I think if I were you I'd feel the same - not wanting to feel it.

colbymarshall said...

Hm, I believe in them to an extent. I think some people are more in tune to the paranormal than others. My mom will swear up and down she's had her mother visit her, and hearing her stories, I believe her, though I can't say the same has happened to me.

Savvy Mode SG said...

technically i don't believe in ghosts but there are so many unexplained events at times that i will not rule the idea out.

Alev said...

Call me childish but I always thought such things were kind of cool, hahaha. :D When I was younger I used to dream about earthquakes before they had happened, now that was not cool.. Because I'd see me and my family experiencing the earthquake, with all its scariness. :/ And the next day, I'd find out some big earthquake happened somewhere.. It stopped later though, I guess I grew out of it. Aaaand, I kind of do believe in ghosts.. Everyone around me thinks it's ridiculous of me, but I don't know.. I just can't shake that feeling.

The Ring is one of my favorite movies, btw! :D

Maki said...

mj: I agree. I think we all have six sense. "Wow" to your story! I honestly believe dreams and the other world are somehow connect together. Actually Ju Ju suffers from night terrors as well (occasionally) and it's really scary.

I am touched by your uncle's story. That is so great and heartwarming. I know he was there for you:)

franco: Loving paranormal family!! And I loved your tarot reading - thanks again!

Jess: It's surreal feeling. I can't explain it... I wish it would go away.

colby: I think many people feel the same way as you. You mom must have seen you grandma!

savvy: Yes, there are way too many things that we can't just explain, right?

alev: I don't call you childish, my girlsfriend. Earthquakes thing that you said is scary and amazes me. I truly believe dream has a lot to do with paranormal world..

Sarah said...

I believe there are ghosts, spirits, impressions, etc. It is a matter of perspective and perception. Of which, I don't believe I have either. I love reading scary books, watching scary movies and tv shows. My favs are the Ghost Hunters and The Hautning.

I used to have premonitions about bad things when I was younger (age 10ish to about 20). Now I don't sense as much as I did, but when I do feel something it really freaks me out.

I hope everything is okay and you aren't feeling anything at the moment! :)

Maki said...

Sarah: Yes, I think we all have premonition, intuition and so called sixth sense whether we know it or not.

I think a lot of people are in tune with it when they were younger.

I am feeling 90% better now:)

Smittenly Written said...

I so know what you mean...I'm also intuitive and have moments when I view it as a blessing and others where it feels like a curse. The key is to just trust it and go with it. Then you have no regrets.

And...Thanks for visiting my newly started blog!!

Poetica said...

This is such an interesting post!
I definitely believe in the paranormal and ghosts.
It sounds like a hard sixth sense to have, knowing people are going to die ....

Maki said...

smittenly written: Oh thanks so much for visiting me and it was lucky me to find your blog:)

poetica: It just sucks when my feelings are proven to be right:(
But I try not to think too much:)

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