Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the winners are!?

One of Ju-Ju's artwork - she is so proud!

My girls before picking the winner

Ju Ju and Soapy holding the winner name

Last week, I held the "Pay it Forward" contest that I was passed on by MJ. My two daughters and I picked three winners late this afternoon.

the winners are... (the sound of drum begins....)
franco, dorkys and merc3069!!!! And another twist is, since franco didn't want the nail polish, we picked another winner and the lucky person is

The winners, please send me an email with your address, so that I can mail the stuff that I have promised to you guys. Franco, don't worry, you won't be getting the nail poslish, but Ju Ju drew something special for you!! :) Once you recieved the item, you need to forwad the love to three people of your choice. This has been such joy and I hope this will keep going and growing! Let's forward the kindness and feel the love y'all!!!



Brooke Hughes said...

Your girls are so frickin cute!

Franco said...

yes!! the artwork is so cute!there's just something about children's artwork that just makes happy!

Franco said...

oh I didn't noticed she wrote my name! awwww! that's so prescious.

ps: ughh, what's your e-mail?
can I just give it to ya right here?
1000 stevens entry apt# T-112peachtree city, Ga, 30269

Rachel said...

I can't find your email address it just me...?
email me at and I will reply with my address :)

The girls are sooooo cute!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, this is too cute!!! also, thank you so much for your comment on smitten. you are so sweet! the comments appear right away, but, weirdly, they are at the TOP of the comment list instead of the bottom. anyway, have a lovely day, maki! xo joanna :)

Dorkys R. said...

Awww yay! What a great start to the day! Cannot wait for your girls' artwork :)

Dorkys R. said...

P.S. Yes, what's your e-mail address?

Mine is dorkysramos[at]

Maki said...

brooke: Aww thank you so much!!!

franco: No problem! Yeah, I think you have to see my profile to get my email. My bad! I'll add my email to my blog:)

BTW Ju Ju is so happy she got to drew so many!!

rachel: No, it's not just you. It turns out everybody! Sorry! I'll put it up. My email is on my profile, but not on blog. Sorry!

joanna: Aww thank you!!!! The comment didn't show right away, but after seen you comment, I tried again and it worked the second time! Have a nice day, too, Joanna! :D

dorkys: I'm glad that you're happy! I'll email you tonight at while I'm at work. Okay then:D

Elizabeth said...

wow...your girls are gorgeous!

Rachel said...

I wanna know how you got the drop down menu for your previous posts?

Maki said...

rachel: Honey, do you really believe I'm capable of knowing how to do the dropdown? I did it by accident! Ha!

Okay, I uploaded all the photos all at once and chose photos to be displayed on left side(not in the middle) - and wala~, the result was fansy display!!! I think the file size helped create it too(pic size was tiny)

Hope this helps! xo

LBluca77 said...

They are so cute and look so excited.

Anna Lorraine said...

your girls are so adorable! and congrats to the winners =)

Maki said...

luca77: I don't know why they're so excited - they weren't getting anything. LOL. But they're excited about picking the winner:)

anna: Thank you!! They are indeed cute (I'm their mother, am i allowed to say that?) Maegan said...

seriously, your girls are tooooo cute!

Bayjb said...

Your girls are so beautiful and adorable!!! too cute.

Maki said...

Maegan: Aw thank you very much! They are cute, would you play with them???

bayjb: jess, thank you, thank you! I will post their pre-Holloween pics soon:)

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