Friday, October 3, 2008

One Funny Day

So you know, when you work at a beauty salon as a receptionist, there are ton of phone calls and ladies to deal with. But what I have learned from working at my new job is that women are not the only ones who want to be and feel pretty. Men do, too!!!

Today was my second day at the new job. The first customer who walked in this morning was 70 year old man to get pedicure!!! And I'm not kidding!

He was a tall old man (sorry, but he was not young!) with glasses and I thought maybe, just maybe he came to make an apppointment or buy a gift card for his wife. But no, Sir, he wanted his feet to feel pretty!
Me: Good morning. How can I help you this morning?

Old Man: Oh yes, I would like to get pedicure, please..

Me: Oh! Oh! Sure, sure.... (I'm in shock as I book him with a technitian.)

Old Man: And I want Delux Pedicure..

Me: Sure thing (I am dying because I want to laugh and scream so hard!)

When he was done, he was all happy and smiley. He came to my front table to pay and he said,

"Oh it is a great feeling..."

I said to him, "Oh that's great to hear. I'm glad you enjoyed it." (I gave him a HUGE smile.)

He said, "I'll be back again!" and waved goodbye....

Then, I got a call from this lady that she wants to make an appointment for her facial and nail. As I try to book her, she told me she wants to make an appointment for her husband as well.

Lady: Oh, by the way, if there is any available space, I want my husband to get pedicure, too.

Me: Let me check.. Hold please.. (I'm laughing again as I check the computer screen)

Lady: (I hear the lady talking to the hubby) Honey, do you want manicure, too??

Hubby: No.. Just pedicure..

Me: LOL....

We had three male customers today, they're in 70's, 50's and 40's.... There is nothing wrong with "metrosexual", but honestly they didn't even look like they'e metrosexual. But I could say they just love the feeling of being taking care of??? I respect all those men who marched in to our salon with smile on their faces because some men do avoid situation like that at all cost.

Actually, I have told my hubby to get pedicure, me and him together before.. It feels good and men should also emjoy pampering themselves. It's okay, it's just pedicure.

Tomorrow, we are welcoming "Firefighter R..."

I can't say his real name here, but apparently, one of our regular customers had bought him a gift card and he'll make a guest appearance at our store to get nail and facial done. And he is a firefighter.

On a happy note, my husband brought our daughters to work today to surprise me... They were so fasinated by the number of nail polish on the wall. Everybody was screaming and said to me how precious my girls were and my boss told them they could get pedicure for being so cute!!!!

I can't describe the joy on my daughters faces. Their face lip up instantly and they were smiling while they're getting their nails done (and they are only 2 and 4, my friends...)

It's been rough being apart from my girls, but I would cherish all the kind words from all of you and try to think positive.

Thank you so much for all your warm and kind words....



RiverMist said...

That's so funny, some old men are creepy I would laugh my ass off!
My dad is into the spa thing too but I don't think he would ever go out to a salon.
Nice you are having fun in your job.
best of luck.

Alev said...

Hahahahahaha, I would laugh too if I was in your position.. :D I'm glad you had a nice day, and your girls joining you must have been a real blast for you, I'm really happy for you. I hope you'll keep enjoying your job in the future. :) Maegan said...

That is the cutest!

My father in law gets manicures and goes to spas as well always blows my mind a little. eheheh

colbymarshall said...

I wish I could get my hub to have his feet done...they need it!

Savvy Mode SG said...

men should be concern about their nails too. also they should pamer themselves too. i gave bf spa day as a surprise and he really enjoyed it.

Claire, said...

Great story. Good for that 'Old' guy, taking care of his little tootsies. I can't get a pedi because my feet are too sensitive. I give myself a good one though, I'm pro. heh heh heh
Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment. You are adorable.

Dorkys R. said...

Hahaha, that's awesome. I would have busted out laughing. And I'm also happy to hear you're having fun out there.

And little pedis for the cutie petuties is just too adorable!

Bayjb said...

That is too cute. My friend Ryan goes to get a pedi when he's on vacation. Men should embrace it. They should feel pretty sometimes too!

Maki said...

rivermist: Thanks Franco!
That's great that your dad is into the spa thingy. Guy should also embrace the beauty of getting pretty!

aleve: I'm doing okay. I think it takes a little awhile to get use to it. It make my day and laugh when I see funny customers.

maegan: Oh that's great that your dad-in-law loves those stuff. The question that comes to my mind is: how about your hubby?? Is he into it?

colby: I'm with you on this. My hubby needs so bad! I know he'd love it more than I do once he gets it.

savvy: That's great that your bf enjoy the spa - all they need a little push from us girls, right?

claire: Aww thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me the comment. I know what you saying. I tend to wiggle when they exfoliate the back of my feet. Please stay in touch!

dorky: Thanks so much always for sending me kind words. Oh I wish you could see the girls faces. It made my day!!!

Bayjb: Jess, I'm telling you, guys dig it too and I think it's great! I mean women love it, why not men, right?

BakerGirl said...

Omg, I would not have been able to not giggle as the men came in! It's great that they did something nice for themselves though! I have a hard time getting my bf to go to a real stylist for his hair much less a pedicure!

Great post!

Maki said...

bakergirl: Honestly, I have had tough time holding my laugh. I can't keep staring at them. I don't mean to be rude, just being curious! I think you should totally give your bf a treat - nice hair cut from the salon you go to!

K Trainor said...

Congratulations on the new job. I bet soon you won't think a thing about men calling. (But I would've giggled too.) :D

LipSmacker said...

Oh, I always take my boyfriends to get pedis!!! It's actually kind of a test because if I can get them to enjoy being pampered then they will support my addiction! ;)

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